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Wendy Williams' Son Kevin Jr. Says Judge 'Threatened Me With Arrest' If He Didn’t Bring Her To NYC For Guardianship

Wendy Williams’ Son Kevin Jr. Was ‘Threatened With Arrest’ If He Didn’t Bring Her To NYC For Guardianship

Whoa. Guess this is why Wendy Williams‘ son Kevin Hunter Jr. is feeling so helpless right now.

The 22-year-old spoke out against his mother’s guardianship for the first time ever earlier this week in a scathing interview with The US Sun. In the interview, he expressed his concern that the 58-year-old isn’t being cared for properly and that those in her inner circle are taking advantage of her.

On Thursday, the young man returned with another shocking claim — and it helps to clear up why he’s suddenly talking to the press and not doing more in person for his momma. Kevin claimed Judge Lisa Sokoloff, who is overseeing the talk show hosts guardianship case, threatened to charge him with KIDNAPPING (!) if he didn’t help get the celeb back to New York while he was taking care of her in Florida in 2022. Damn!

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He explained:

“The judge threatened me with arrest and said I’d be held in contempt if I didn’t bring her back to New York.”

Jeez! That seems drastic!

The former radio DJ was in the Sunshine State where her only child was caring for her from the late winter of 2021 until the spring of 2022. As Perezcious readers know, the iconic TV personality’s mental health seemed to decline as her show was coming to an end amid reports of alcoholism. She’s also been battling Lymphedema and Graves’ disease, so she’s had a lot on her plate. Unfortunately, legally, Kevin was forced to stop taking care of her, he expressed:

“If there was a way that I could help that wouldn’t end up [with me] being arrested, I would be doing that.”

The US Sun reached out to a rep for the judge and the New York Courts for comment, but they didn’t have much to say, simply replying:

“As this is a pending matter it would not be appropriate to comment further.”

As we’ve been following, Wendy was placed in a guardianship after Wells Fargo froze her bank accounts when they suspected she was the victim of “financial exploitation, dementia, or undue influence,” per court docs. She has since been placed under the care of her permanent guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, with her jeweler-turned-manager, Will Selby, handling a lot of her day-to-day and career affairs.

An insider close to the former Wendy Williams Show host revealed her controversial manager would have been aware of the threats against Kevin. From what we’ve heard from both men, though, we doubt Will cares. They don’t seem very fond of each other! After Kevin called out Will for shady behavior, he clapped back in a fiery ET interview, jabbing:

“If your mother was near death would the first thing you do is call an online publication? Okay. So, that’s all I have to say about that.”


Meanwhile, while speaking to The US Sun, the college student claimed he was having to speak out publicly because he didn’t know what else to do. Which makes sense if he thinks he’s going to get arrested!

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In his first interview, Kevin slammed the care Sabrina has been providing the Daytime Emmy nominee, noting:

“I know that Sabrina has a relationship with the jeweler [Wendy’s manager Will Selby] and I would assume though that they are cool with each other. This is how this was created. And it seems like it’s more about making sure he is okay. I don’t know what the ultimate goal is for [Sabrina] as the person in charge of stuff, but there have never been articles put out saying [Wendy] isn’t okay when she was with me.”

He continued:

“I don’t feel like Sabrina has done a great job at all. I think that based on her actions, I’d have to assume something is going on that she’s not telling me. There is a lot of her pushing away of myself and everybody down here, and saying that she’s not going give updates. She’s really vague with updates.”

He furthered:

“It’s been really sad what’s been allowed to happen, and ever since the court hearings ended, something just has to be brought to light about what’s going on and how much people are taking in this situation. In terms of who is there now, people have put other things in front of her actually healing and getting better, and unfortunately, unlike many other alcoholics, she is worth a lot more money.”

Kevin is now “praying” those in charge in NYC “don’t lead her down the path to where something can’t happen to help her,” suggesting:

“In terms of what is and what isn’t; when she was with me, none of these articles of her not looking well ever came out. When she got dragged back up there [to New York City] after the court hearings, that started happening, and from that perspective, something has gone wrong.”

He added:

“I’m praying that whoever is in control now doesn’t ruin whatever hope there is for her to get back up again.”

Wendy is said to be in a “wellness facility” after reports she was hospitalized last month, her manager told ET:

“Wendy is at a facility doing her best to be her best. She’s taking it day by day.”

We sincerely hope she’s getting the care she needs! This is clearly a very complicated situation and our hearts go out to Kevin, who is obviously very scared for his mother. Thoughts? Let us know (below).

[Image via Derrick Salters/WENN & Kevin Hunter Jr./Instagram]

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