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What Bianca Censori Is REALLY Like When ‘Off The Clock’ From Kanye West!

What Bianca Censori Is REALLY Like When ‘Off The Clock’ From Kanye West!

What’s Bianca Censori like when she’s not with Kanye West? We bet that question has crossed many minds ever since they got together two years ago! We mean, she certainly didn’t look or dress like this before him, he supposedly has all these rules for her conduct… When she’s alone she must be completely different, right? Well, we finally got answers to that question!

Typically, we see the architectural designer step out in public in barely-there clothing with the rapper. But when she’s “off the clock” from “working” as Kanye’s muse? When she’s back with her friends and family? Bianca completely forgoes her now-signature risqué looks!

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Even during a recent trip home to Australia, an old friend told Page Six on Tuesday the 29-year-old appeared “back to normal” in a lot of ways! Her “normal?” The pal said she wore a sweater dress to eat pasta with her parents at a cafe in Melbourne! Wow! A complete 180 from how she dresses with Kanye! The friend explained to the outlet:

“It was very obvious to us that she was acting like she was off the clock from a job. When you look at all the press [about Censori and West], you would believe she has lost her mind, so it was good to see her with her family and being the person we remembered. The clothes were back to normal … there was nothing to suggest her time with Kanye has had a lasting effect.”

Of course, her parents must be slightly relieved by that statement. Leo and Alexandra Censori reportedly have been worried about Bianca due to her extreme outfits and public antics with Kanye. Her dad even demanded his daughter and her hubby fly out to Australia to meet with him over the matter at one point! However, Bianca reportedly told her parents the NSFW looks are simply all part of her “game plan.” A Page Six insider also insisted the 29-year-old is not being manipulated in any way by Ye, and her skimpy outfits are only “performance art,” and she’s fully in on the whole thing… Really?

Despite reports of their concern, the friend insisted everything was fine between Bianca and her family. They said her loved ones “haven’t been cut off and it was clear they still have plenty of contact with her,” adding:

“They would have been acting differently if this was some rescue from a cult-like leader!”

Meanwhile, a source who knows Bianca and Kanye well told the outlet she “was just taking it easy” back in her hometown. While Bianca kept her style more low-key in Australia, she was right back to work wearing barely-there outfits when she left! She sported nothing but a high-cut swimsuit and heels at a Yeezy production meeting in Prato, Italy this week — days after her trip to Melbourne. The insider noted of her bold ensembles:

“Bianca has people helping her with her looks. It’s her presentation and it’s thought through.”

Beyond the outfit controversy, a lot is going on in Kanye’s life right now. He was sued by former assistant Lauren Pisciotta for sexual harassment, wrongful termination, breach of contract, and creating a hostile work environment. The Heartless artist denied the allegations against him and even plans to sue her back now! When asked how he and Bianca are doing with the suit drama, the source assured the icky accusations haven’t driven a wedge between them:

“Ye seems to be ok and they’re getting along. Like every couple they have their challenges, but they’re doing good business together.”

“Their challenges”? Most couples that have to deal with this kind of sexual harassment claim end up splitting, right? Hmm.

Well, don’t plan on getting the tea about the couple from Bianca’s pals! Her friend told Page Six no one even “felt comfortable” getting her to talk about the relationship. Yikes. But if you ask them what they ultimately think of the couple? The confidant said her friends think Bianca is just being treated like a “dramatic installation of art,” adding:

“There is always more to the story. And while the idea that she is a human mannequin to the former husband of Kim Kardashian seems outrageous, it’s good that she must be balancing her time with him and still be able to live a normal life.”

Well, as “normal” of a life as one can have when they’re married to a man like Kanye West. Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments!

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