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Bianca Censori Is NOT Being Manipulated By Kanye West -- She's A 'Performance Artist' Who's In On It??

Insiders Say Bianca Censori Is NOT Being Manipulated By Kanye West -- She's A 'Performance Artist' In On It?!

Bianca Censori isn’t being manipulated — she’s in on the so-called performance art and playing us all for headlines!!

That’s what insiders are claiming right now, at least. Call us a little skeptical on this one, y’all, but it’s definitely interesting to hear the supposed other side of her sordid story with Kanye West!

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On Monday morning, Page Six spoke to several sources who all claimed Bianca is not being manipulated in any way by the Hurricane rapper regarding her super-skimpy outfits out in public. Instead, these insiders allege, she’s actually the one pulling the strings behind the scenes. Uhhh, really?! One fashion industry source alleged to the outlet that the Australian-born woman is 100% in on the charade:

“People are confusing Bianca’s creativity. She is a phenomenal personality, a phenomenal actor, who can entertain the public. She’s a performance artist. Bianca is as much a performer as Ye is.”


Take Ye’s most recent Instagram post from late last week for example. In it, he published a video of Censori dressed in a lace bodysuit and white heels while lying in a massive bed:

And while fans in the comments made light of the size of the bed — and how absurd it was to see Bianca wear a full ‘fit in bed while regularly going nearly naked and barefoot out in public — one member of the rapper’s camp is defending the clip. Malik Yusef, a longtime producer and collaborator with Ye, told the outlet this about the video:

“I think it’s Ye saying, ‘my bitch is living in the lap of luxury. I don’t know what you all are doing today, but I hope you’re all just chilling like me. This is my business.’ The room is all bed. It’s a new context on bedroom.”

Huh. Ooookay! And other sources have doubled down on that supposed idea of performance art, too! One unnamed source close to the couple explained that not only does Bianca come up with some of the see-through outfits herself, but she is pulling the strings to make it all happen:

“Maybe she’s using him as her puppet!”

OK, that would really be out of left field. LOLz!

And an ongoing source of problems for Ye and Bianca — her mother Alexandra‘s supposed concern about how her daughter is faring in El Lay — supposedly isn’t what it seems, either. That fashion industry source claimed:

“Her mother was here [in Los Angeles] the other day. Her parents are fine [with the couple’s relationship].”

Yusef doubled down on that idea, too, by claiming that Bianca is the one making the decisions on all of her outfits:

“She makes her own decisions on how to dress. I think [she and West] experiment together and say, ‘hey, this is beautiful.’”

And skimpy clothing isn’t the only spot where Censori is apparently leaving her mark. The unnamed fashion industry source also claimed that she has become “an important part of the management team” for the Yeezy fashion line (she apparently worked for the company before they started dating) and some of the College Dropout rapper’s other projects:

“Bianca is an important part of the management team. She’s controlling the business in a very big way. She’s a senior advisor to Ye and a senior creative and business advisor to the entire team. … She interacts with people independently of Ye. Bianca has a lot of influence — she helps control the design, who we’re selling to, who we’re collaborating with. She’s fully in.”

Yusef added:

“Ye allows her a platform to be her full self. She knows he has power and she knows she is protected. He’s got a bunch of men around him with power. So she can experience her full self without any deleterious effects … without being harmed or touched or aggressed by anybody.”

But you shouldn’t expect Bianca or Ye themselves to come out and confirm ANY of this stuff! Because it sounds like they won’t! The anonymous insider summed up the couple’s line of thinking regarding their so-called performance art with this:

“They have people worldwide watching them. Sometimes the highest form of art is to not say anything.”

Call us skeptical! But do U believe it?! Could Bianca be in on the performance art aspects of her parading around in nearly nothing?? Heck, could she be the one controlling it?! Sound OFF with your thoughts and reactions to this down in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Piers Morgan/YouTube]

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