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When Celebrities Blog: Roseanne

The former sitcom star posted this mesage on her official blog:
“The Internet is the Goddess
Watch as she will expose hypocrisy, restrain untruth, bring data and information in a revolution only prayed for over the last ten thousand years of human history… breaking down the barriers between the human being and the highest knowledge… no priest, no state, no pope, no shaman needed any longer… the death of darkness, a new renaissance, a true renaissance, where light waves bounce off of transmitters and beam a billion transmissions to a billion different locations at once.. this is magic, true magic….she brings us the human will focused, and directed, she brings us evolution of the highest order, she brings us all the gifts of the ark of the covenant… information is god, and god is mind…the goddess is matter itself.”

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Jun 26, 2007 19:10pm PDT

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