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When The Repo Man Takes Your Car!


Some people just don’t know how to manage their money!

And those people seem to include rapper Lil’ Kim.

New York’s CW11 news visited Lil Kim’s house, along with a repo crew. It was for a report focusing on the rising number of auto repossessions.

Wonder who tipped off the local news about her car?

Isn’t it illegal to release private records?

Apparently, Lil’ Kim hasn’t paid for her silver Bentley in months though.

What, she’s making payments? You know the way to go is buy it all at once. And if you can’t afford paying for a Bentley upfront, then don’t buy one!

When Kim was confronted by one of the repo men, she told them her accountant would take care of it, but her car still had to be taken.

Cyro Mirando, the repo guy on site from Commercial Service Corpr the keys, said “She didn’t wanna cooperate. Basically, she told us to get off the property. We were hoping that she’d give us the keys, being that it’d be the right thing to do. It’s not her vehicle.”

When the CW11 reporter went to confront Kim on “the economy and the issue of repossessions,” Lil’ Kim responded with “Oh please, get the fuck out of here. You are so fucking ridiculous.

Don’t fuck with the Queen B!

According to reports, there has been a increase of 15-20% in repos. You know the economy is bad when there’s such a high rise in repossessions!!!

A rep for the repo company that took Kim’s car says, “Another stereotype situation is that the people who lose their cars are poor. It’s not the truth at all. The truth is it’s pretty evenly distributed throughout the entire economic base.”

He also adds, “We’re really not there to negotiate. The customer, many times, does not understand that we’re gonna take the car with or without their cooperation.”

Sucks for Kimmy!

[Image via WENN.]

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Apr 30, 2008 18:17pm PDT

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