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Will Ferrell Reveals His REAL Name -- And Why It Embarrassed Him As A Kid!

Will Ferrell Reveals His REAL Name -- And Why It Embarrassed Him As A Kid!

Will Ferrell is a name we all know — but it’s not actually his REAL name!

The Elf actor reunited on the MeSsy podcast with his Anchorman co-star Christina Applegate and her co-host Jamie-Lynn Sigler, and he revealed that Will isn’t actually the first name he was given at birth… Instead, his full legal name is John William Ferrell!

Wow!! Did YOU know that?!?!

The celebrated actor revealed that despite his parents naming him John, they always called him Will growing up, right from the start. Almost like they changed their minds! LOLz!

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And so when it came to being addressed by his preferred name in school, it was a challenge for a shy kid to speak up and correct the teacher every time. He explained:

“This is a minor thing in terms of — it’s not really even trauma — but I remember feeling so embarrassed because my real name is John, John William Ferrell, so first day of school, I’d be John. The teacher would be like ‘John Ferrell?’ and it was so embarrassing to me to have to say ‘Here, but I go by Will, I don’t go by John.’”

HA! Not the most embarrassing celeb story we’ve ever heard, but we certainly get how that might be tough for an anxious kid! He was still decades away from growing into the spotlight stealer he would become! Will continued:

“For the first week of school, it took like a week before the teacher remembered, ‘That’s right, you’re Will.’ And that was excruciating. So the beginning of the school year was always like, ‘Oh my gosh I hate this. I have to remind the teacher that I’m not John.’ It wasn’t my choice. My parents named [me] John but they called me Will. I grew up as Will, but on a rule sheet, my legal name is John Ferrell.”

But in retrospect, it’s definitely not as embarrassing for the Kicking & Screaming actor:

“I don’t know why that was so embarrassing to me to have to explain ‘I’m actually Will.’ People are probably going to be listening to this going ‘That is the lamest thing ever.’”

Ha! Well, it’s a fun piece of trivia at the very least! Did YOU know Will Ferrell was not his legal name? Listen to the full podcast episode (below):

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