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Woman Defends Marrying Her Babysitter -- Says 'Gen Z Is Brainwashed'!

Woman Defends Marrying Her Babysitter -- Says 'Gen Z Is Brainwashed'!

A TikTok user has gone viral after claiming she met her husband when he babysat her!

The internet is divided over Samantha Gizzle‘s video using Adele‘s song When We Were Young to reveal her age gap relationship! In the video, she showed a photo of herself and her hubby with their ages next to them, him being 44 and her being 29. A 15 year age difference — and they’re both well over 18 — so what’s the bigger issue here?

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Well, the next slide showed a photo of 4-year-old Samantha in her then 19-year-old babysitter’s arms. Yep, they met when she was just a toddler! The caption read:

“‘You were the best babysitter ever’ I’m glad we could look past age and take this new chapter in our life, together. You make me so happy, make me smile, make me laugh, and this makes me unconditionally love you more & more.. and I hope the best for us and our future family to come.”

After the clip went viral, the social media user’s comments were filled with some strong opinions, with viewers expressing their surprise — and some even suggesting she’d been “groomed”:



“This the same issue I had when Stephanie Meyer wrote Jacob imprinting on Renesme”

“When WE were young?? YOU were young HE was grown.”

“I am so sorry this happened to you. I hope one day you’ll be able to get out of this situation.”

In a follow up video, Samantha lashed out at the hate, though. Sharing another photo of herself and her much older hubby, she wrote:

“Can’t believe I have to make this video. It saddens my heart that Gen-Z is brainwashed into thinking age gaps are bad. PSA: THEY AREN’T!! We are together.. happy and safe and nothing happened during the time he was my baby sitter. He WAITED until I turned 18! And nothing happened anytime before that point blank PERIOD! Stop trying to make my family/husband look bad. We will remain together and that’s that.”

The word “waited” here really holds some weight…

She continued on, blaming Gen Z for their warped “two week relationships” and how they don’t compare to “REAL LIFE”. After commenters continued to tell her they weren’t concerned about the 15 year age gap as much as they were about the fact he met her when she was a literal child, she seemed to start questioning everything.

In a final video posted to her account, she expressed how she’s rethinking her “whole marriage” and wrote in reply to a comment:

“…how am I supposed to just go up to my husband and say ‘We can’t be together anymore’ after just being recently married. It’s childish

A lot to take in here. What do U think, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below).

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