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Zachary Quinto BLASTED By Restaurant For Screaming At Staff ‘Like An Entitled Child’ & Making A Host Cry!!

Zachary Quinto BLASTED By Restaurant For Screaming At Staff ‘Like An Entitled Child’ & Making A Host Cry!!

Zachary Quinto’s manners are just about as out of this world as his movie roles… And by that we mean completely lacking humanity!

It’s safe to say the Star Trek actor won’t be welcomed back to a Canadian eatery anytime soon after apparently raising hell over the weekend! On Sunday, Toronto’s Manita put Zachary on BLAST on their Instagram Story after he allegedly acted like “an entitled child” during a recent visit. The establishment wrote in a SCATHING post:

“Zachary Quinto — an amazing Spock, but a terrible customer.”

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HA! They continued:

“Yelled at our staff like an entitled child after he didn’t reply to two texts to inform him his table was ready and refused to believe the empty tables in the dining room weren’t available for him despite being politely informed they were spoken for.”

Oof. Seriously?!MAJOR Karen behavior… Manita then added:

“Made our host cry and the rest of our brunch diners uncomfortable. Mr. Quinto, take your bad vibes somewhere else, we have many lovely celebrities join us at Manita but you are NOT one of them.”


He made the host CRY?! That’s f**ked up.

On Monday morning, the cafe followed up with a feed post on their IG, sharing the same story while adding more context in their caption:

“To expand upon yesterday’s story re: Zachary Quinto:

This isn’t the first time, nor will it be the last time an irate guest has taken their frustrations out on our staff. Manita is deeply grateful for our mostly incredible, friendly, gracious guests… who may give us constructive feedback from time to time. To all the other Zachary Quintos out there, on behalf of restaurant workers everywhere: We aren’t above criticism, but we are above being demeaned.”


Just because you have star power doesn’t mean you get to demand things and demean others!!

Innerestingly, it was the American Horror Story actor’s 47th birthday on Sunday. He shared a few snaps on his own IG, including one of him enjoying a day at Canada’s Wonderland, and one of him eating out somewhere else. Hopefully, wherever he ended up, he treated the staff with a bit more respect. As of Monday morning, he has yet to comment on any of Manita’s claims.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers?? Would you have expected this behavior from Zachary? Sound OFF in the comments down below!

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