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It's Suri!!

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Katie Holmes took a break from filming her latest snoozefest to play with daughter Suri Cruise on the set of Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark in Mount Macedon, Australia, on Tuesday.

It's been too long! Suri is getting cuter, and bigger, and probably weirder every time we see her. 

The actress was apparently quite shaken up after an accident on set in which the car she was filming in caught fire.  She seems in better spirits here, though!

Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Not really feeling Katie's longer hair. Are U?

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J.Lo Throws Divatude At Bday Party!

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At Jennifer Lopez's surprise 40th birthday party at the Edison Ballroom in NYC on Saturday, the actress threw a fit over the lack of timeliness of her guests.

"Jennifer's party was very intimate, and there were a noticeable amount of empty seats when the dinner started. Jennifer was really irritated. She was fuming because people were late, and complained about it really loudly to Marc," says an attendee. "Jennifer was visibly upset and embarrassed."

Those who found themselves on the diva's shiz list included Alicia Keys, boyfriend Swiss Beatz and the few who didn't attend, Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

Other guests included the oddly combination of Ricky Martin, Liza Minnelli, Leah Remini, L.A. Reid and Gayle King.

"After Jennifer got over her initial irritation, she let go and looked like she was having the time of her life, drinking champagne and partying until 4 a.m. It was definitely a good way to kick-start her 40s," continues the source.

You're never too old to for divalicious behavior!

Enjoy it, honey!!!

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Goodness, Gracious! Great Balls Of Fire Spark On Katie Holmes' Car

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Katie Holmes escaped a welcoming frightening death when the car she was sitting in went up in flames.

The stepford actress was filming a scene for her upcoming film, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, when the vehicle she was sitting in caught on fire. The car's battery had exploded, causing sparkage and fumes before the car just went up in smoke.

Katie wasn't hurt, thank goodness. We have to preserve those tapping toes so more classic icon's music can be destroyed through her dancing.

Close call there Katie. Glad you are okay!

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Katie Trained For A Year To Do That?!

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It must be true that talent is something you were born with because training didn't do shiz for Katie Holmes!

So You Think You Can Dance panelist Mary Murphy revealed that Mrs. Tom Cruise has been working on her "skills" for quite some time.

"Katie Holmes has been working with Tyce Diorio for the last year, training as a dancer so this is definitely a product of all that training. I'm super excited to see her doing her Judy Garland thing," said the most likely disappointed judge.

If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to watch Katie's mediocre performance above.

What a waste of a year!

So You Think You Can Dance, Katie? Everybody Else Doesn't Agree.

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As we expected, Katie Holmes is having her toe-tapping ass handed back to her in the aftermath of her redunkoulously bad performance on So You Think Can Dance.

Just because you think you can does not mean you should!

Fans all over the Web are throwing down a lot of trash talk towards Mrs. Tom Cruise and even the celebs are getting in on the hate. Shanna Moakler wrote on her Twitter: "I am fuckin INSULTED, Katie Holmes how dare you! I didn't just grow up on musicals, I lived and breathed them, Oklahoma, Easter Parade, Family Band, don't touch my legends! ur not worthy."

Ouch. True, but still ouch.

Katie does have some friends in her corner who are defending her act. Of course, they all happen to be apart of the same cause Holmes claimed to be dancing for. Like Carrie Ann Inaba, who has co-founded the Dizzy Feet Foundation with Katie said in an interview: "She went out there on a show that features some of the most incredible dancers we have in America, and she went out there to show her support for Dizzy Feet Foundation and her love of dancing. And I think that's completely courageous."

You should also say that to every freak and fool who parades on the stage in front of the judges during the initial auditions. We guarantee, if she was a nobody, you'd be singing a very different little tune.

We stick with the majority on this one : IT BLEW!

P.S. If you haven't seen it yet, CLICK HERE to watch Katie's performance on So You Think You Can Dance?

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Katie Holmes Gets Schooled!

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Rufus Wainwright pays tribute to the legendary Miz Judy Garland and completely makes Mrs. Tom Cruise look the fool!

A Glimpse Of Joey Potter

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Look at Katie Holmes up on that ladder! It almost brings a tear to our eye!

Katie was filming a scene for her new film, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, Thursday morning in Australia - and she had to channel her old WB days for a stunt on a ladder. As we speak, we can hear the distant murmur of a Paula Cole song and Katie saying something melodramatically in our memory.

Oh, how we miss those Katie Holmes Creek years. She was so cute and innocent and not brainwashed.

We don't wanna wait - Bring back the old Katie!

P.S. If you missed it…..

CLICK HERE to watch Holmes' performance on So You Think You Can Dance last night.


[Image via Pacific Coast News Online.]