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TomKat Buy A Home In The West Village

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And a big old fancy one at that!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes just purchased a new home in the Greenwich Village neighborhood of New York for $15 million!

The house is a sprawling 8,100 square feet and located at 42 West 12th Street.

We wonder why they felt the need for a house in New York?

Maybe Katie is heading back to Broadway soon?

[Image via WENN.]

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New Book Reveals Tom Cruise' Xenu Secrets!

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Uh oh! The cult church of Scientology isn't going to be too happy about this.

A new book is being released by Tom Cruise' Scientology apprentice that reveals some bizarre deets about one of Scientology's most famous members.

Marc Headley reveals he witnessed Tom spending three weeks talking to books, bottles and door knobs.

Maybe Tom Cruise was George Clooney's inspiration in Men Who Stare At Goats???

The longtime Xenu employee says "it's known as the book-and-bottle routine" and "was supposed to rehabilitate your ability to control things and to be controlled."

Creepy, but that could explain why Katie Holmes has been with him for so long.

Wonder what else the book claims???

[Image via WENN.]

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Katie Holmes Remembers She Is An Actress!

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Hurray! Now, she can hire someone to babysit her kid while she works on her own career.

Because she did have one at one point. She once had more to do than pretend to be happy and dress her child in better clothes than herself.

Katie Holmes will be replacing Liv Tyler in The Romantics, a little indie comedy that is snatching some big names. She will be appearing along side Elijah Wood, Josh Duhamel, Adam Brody, and True Blood babe Anna Paquin!

The flick centers on eight college friends who reunite for a wedding with Katie as the maid of honor to Anna's bride.

How's it feel to no longer be Hollywood's IT girl, Katie?

Don't feel too bad for her, though. Along with her name attached to the cast, Katie will also nab an executive producer credit.

Ah, now we get it! You paid your way in!

Pretty sneaky, sis!

[Image via WENN.]

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Don't Get Our Hopes Up!

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We're starting to believe that OK! Magazine and Star Magazine are in competition to see who can come up with the fakest story and use the largest, brightest font to promote it.

This week, we're voting for OK!, but we'll give Star kudos for the effort.

We in no way believe that things are amiss between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, (though believe us, we wish it was true), and we can't allow ourselves to believe that any studio is actually considering fronting the funds to make a Jon & Kate movie!

Spare us, please! They're too much in the media as it is!

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Tom And Katie Have A Farm!

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Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes took the always adorable Suri to Brooksby Farm on Sunday afternoon in Peabody, Massachusetts.

The family went on a hay ride and pet some animals to usher in the fall. Tom even managed to bundle up the stroller (and take pictures with adoring fans)!!

It was all so normal we almost forgot their out of this world origins - but not quite!

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Suri's Got Some Competition

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matilda_1_e.jpg matilda_e_3.jpg matilda_2_e.jpg

She's getting so big!

Matilda Ledger and mom Michelle Williams were seen visiting a New York park this past weekend and judging from the smiles on both of their faces a good time was had by all!

Every time we see her, the tot looks more and more like Heath Ledger!

And we're glad Michelle dresses her child appropriately for the fall weather on the East coast unlike Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise!

[Image via National Photo Group.]

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TomKat Celebate with Travolta Family At Secret Scientology Event

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Guess this means John Travolta really hasn't turned his back on the practice.

This past weekend, a massive gathering of Scientologists occurred in England to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the International Association of Scientologists. In attendance was the Cruise Family, Tom, Katie Holmes and little Suri, along with some unexpected faces - John Travolta and Kelly Preston.

Tom took to the stage during the festivities to give a little speech, ala Troy Bolton, proclaiming that "We are in this together!" (but only if you are a Scientologist.)

Though Tom showed an abundance of enthusiasm, his wife did not, as an attendee observed the family when the choir took to the stage to sing:

"Tom was swaying and looked like he was in heaven. He was really, really into it. Katie was next to him doing her best to look as enthusiastic. She was clapping along with the song, but was totally out of sync. Suri was standing by, looking a little bemused in a cute little party dress."

As for John and Kelly, who were seated nearby, the couple remained very quiet throughout the evening, clearly still in mourning over the death of their son, Jett. And onlooker reveals:

"John and Kelly were holding hands throughout the performance. They look like a very united couple."

Perhaps the event provided them with some solace. We hope so, if it did nothing else.

[Image via WENN.]

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