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Did Tom Cruise Have The Church Of Scientology Audition Potential Wives For Him?

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We don't know…there's only so many times you can hear this story before you start to believe it!

Rumors have been running rampant since Tom Cruise first started jumping on couches and declaring his love for Katie Holmes back in 2005 that the pair were set up through an audition process orchestrated by the Church of Scientology to help the actor pick his new bride. Now that they are divorcing, the stories are only gaining MORE traction!

Ch-ch-check out this report from The Today Show examining just that (above)!

Scary shiz, right?

And if true, all the more reason for Katie to get herself and little Suri as far away from this man and that organization as fast as possible!

We'll be very curious to see if his career can recover from all of this madness!

What do U think?? Did Tom Cruise let Xenu pick his bride?

It's Over! Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes Reach Divorce Settlement

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Divorce Agreement

Wow, that was fast!

While we were bracing ourselves for one messy, never-ending divorce battle, it seems Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise have officially come to an agreement!

We previously reported the joint statement made by the two and now we can confirm that the case has been settled!

Katie's attorney states:

Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Release Joint Statement!

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Joint Statement

After reports of divorce settlement talks have been rolling in, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are FINALLY speaking out about their divorce…or at least their reps are!

The statement, as given by both Holmes' and Cruise's reps, Nanci Ryder and Amanda Lundberg, reads:

Suri Cruise: The Tug-Of-War Custody Battle Continues

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Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Suri Battle

Suri Cruise sure is one sought after girl!

As predicted, the little six-year-old is at the center of the divorce case between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise…and neither party plans on backing down anytime soon!

Reportedly, Tom is insisting that the settlement grants him "meaningful, significant contact with his daughter,” and has been “on the phone with his lawyers 24/7,” trying to sort the dramz out.

And it's sounding like Tommy boy might just get his way…for now at least — sources close to Katie said Cruise will be able to see his daughter again, after he wraps filming in the Rockies.

Both Katie and Tom’s lawyers have been busy lately, trying to negotiate the entire divorce settlement, not just a temp. fix!

Topics of conversation? Custody, visitation, support and property settlement…and as we previously mentioned, they’re looking to settle OUT of court.

Here's to hoping things get straightened out for the best…for the sake of Suri!

[Image via Ramey Pix.]

Katie Holmes To Begin Work On Single Mom Movie!

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Katie Holmes Film Molly

What a case of an unfortunate coincidence…

Katie Holmes has certainly been keeping busy, shielding her and Tom Cruise’s daughter Suri from all of their divorce dramz, all while keeping her career on track, as well!

Reportedly, Holmes is already gearing to get her mind off of Tom and onto her next project — a new film called Molly, which she co-wrote and will be co-producing!

Production on the flick starts up next week and will wrap sometime in August in NYC.

The film’s premise? Well, it looks like Katie’s own personal life has coincided with her career, seeing as the plotline is said to be about a single mother and her daughter!

Crazy timing, right?!

Katie’s then going to

Fill In The Blank

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fill in the blank katie holmes suri cruise

While shopping together at Whole Foods in New York City today, Suri Cruise tells her mom Katie Holmes "________________________."

[Image via Fame Pictures.]

The Negotiations Have Begun! Katie Holmes Has Six-Hour Meeting With Lawyers!

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Well, one thing is clear:

Just because Katie Holmes is willing to keep her divorce from Tom Cruise out of the courtroom doesn't mean she's letting him walk all over her!

In fact, if anything, it sounds as though she means SERIOUS business!

Ever since it was announced that the pair have agreed to let their lawyers attempt negotiations for a complete divorce settlement, the actress has been shacked up with her legal team, headed by Allan Mayefsky, and was even inside his Manhattan office for over six hours yesterday!

But even