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Cristiano Shirtless!

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Cristiano Ronaldo was in Pasadena yesterday playing against the LA Galaxy with Real Madrid and lucky for everyone he removed his shirt to reveal his flawless chest!


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Kim Kardashian And Cristiano Ronaldo, Together Again!!!!

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It's back on!!!!

Kim Kardashian is "taking it slow" with new boyfriend, NFL player Miles Austin. And now we know why!

Sources reveal exclusively to PerezHilton.com that the reality TV and soccer stud Cristiano Ronaldo have been spending some time together in Los Angeles!!!

We were the first to exclusively report that Kim and Ronnie hooked up in Spain back in April.

Since their brief fling, each has gone off and found new love. Kim with Austin and Crissy with model Irina Shayk.

Well, impeccable sources tell us that Kardashian and Ronaldo picked up where they left off on Tuesday night at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Cue the porno music!

Update: A source to Kim tells us she and Ronnie are "just friends".

Uh huh!!!!

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Completely Gratuitous

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The gorgeous Cristiano Ronaldo has begun training with Real Madrid.

Need we say more?


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Spotted: Cristiano Ronaldo and Lance Bass dining out in Tribeca, NYC, a few days ago.

They'd make quite the power couple!

Crissy Had One Night Stand With A Waitress, Babymomma To His Child

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And out popped a baby!

It's been revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo's baby momma is an unnamed American waitress whom he had a one-night stand with while visiting El Lay.

The footballer used his dashingly romantic charms to seduce the woman in to having sex with him by telling her, "you, me, f***, f***," then drew a heart on a misted window and said "me, you, kiss."

What a charmer! How on earth could a woman resist such an alluring come-on??

"That's typical Ronnie - he pretends his English is terrible when it suits him, and he comes straight to the point. It was just yet another one-night stand and Ronnie assumed he would never see her again," said one of Cristiano's friends.

Oh, apparently "typical Ronnie" means he can act like an arrogant neanderthal to "sweet talk" a woman!

And to make things even crazier, Crissy has given his baby momma £10million to keep her mouth shut and plans on raising the baby by himself. In fact, he doesn't even want to tell Ronaldo Jr. who his mother is until he turns 18!

What a clASSy guy!!

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Papa Crissy Hits On A "Hot" Model In NYC

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Cristiano Ronaldo spent his fourth of July weekend in New York…and he wasn't alone!

But he wasn't with his new baby either!

Sources spotted Crissy with a group of friends at a pool at the NYC hot spot Soho House. Crissy was apparently getting quite cozy with Russian model Irina Shayk, who is not believed to be the mother of his child. Witnesses say that he was chatting up some other people, but that most of his "attention" was directed at her.

What could they have been talking about??? Choosing nursery colors???

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Crissy Paid A Surrogate For Baby?!

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Over the weekend, Cristiano Ronaldo announced via his Facebook that he had become a father. He offered no other explanation or indication of who the mother might be of his first child. His girlfriend, underwear model Irina Shayk, made a similar announcement on her own Facebook page, though she is not the mother.

So who the hell is???

Well, sources are claiming that Crissy allegedly paid a woman to have his child!

A Portuguese newspaper alleges that Crissy took the Ricky Martin route to fatherhood, conceiving his son with a surrogate at the end of last summer.

While no one from Camp Crissy will confirm the rumor, his sister, Katia Aveiro, is quick to tell sources how "very happy" her brother is about becoming a father!

We're skeptical on this one, but it sure opens up A LOT of questions if it's true!

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