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Students Release TEN THOUSAND Crickets In School For Senior Prank!!

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Seven high school seniors pulled off a prank of epic proportions, but were caught and now will have to pay the price!

The senior students, who attend East Carter High School in Grayson, Kentucky, unleashed an estimated 10,000 crickets into the school's halls.

The school though did not find the prank humorous

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Paul McCartney Continues Playing While SWARMED By Grasshoppers!

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Paul McCartney certainly is a veteran performer.

It'd take more than a few bugs to get him to mess up a live show.

Actually, we feel like it'd take nothing short of a plague of locusts to throw him off his game.

That's kinda what happened to him at a show in Brazil.

While up on stage, for almost three hours, he was surrounded by grasshoppers, several of which landed on him while he was performing.

One in particular sat on his shoulder while he played.

Paul ended up naming the little guy Harold. Ha!

What a professional, to be able to keep playing and even make light of the situation.

Check out the video (above) to hear Paul talk about his locust buddies then still continue the show!

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Bumblebees Are Stone Cold Killers!!!

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Bumblebees always seem the friendliest of all the bees!

They usually don't sting, and they look kind of funny as they bumble along.

But apparently it's hard out there for a bumblebee!

Here's some TERRIFYING bumblebee info from a recent science-tastic report:

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Tarantulas As Big As Your Face May Be Coming To A Building Near You!

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Be afraid.

Be VERY afraid!

A brand new type of tarantula has been found in Sri Lanka with a leg span of 8 inches. That's about the size of a face.

Scientists believe they are part of the Poecilotheria genus, and they're finding them not just in the forest.

But in old buildings, too!

Here's what a scientist said:

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Dragonflies Are Pretty…Pretty Deadly!!!

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Dragonflies are one of the prettiest insects that we've seen on this earth!

But like Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element - the beautiful ones are always the most dangerous! LOLz!

Apparently dragonflies are one of nature's most deadliest predators. And not only that, they're pretty darn efficient, too!

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Uma Thurman Gets Parasitic Wasp Named After Her Kill Bill Character

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Beatrix Kiddo

Have you seen Kill Bill??

Remember those kick-ass fight scenes where Uma Thurman is just destroying everyone while wearing that seksi yellow jumpsuit??

Well due to her deadliness and her yellowness, her character, Beatrix Kiddo, has gotten a parasitic wasp named after her!

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Viggo Mortensen Learns Beekeeping For New Film Role

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Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen is so handsome and talented and handsome!

We could listen to him talk all day about anything.

But when he talks about animals in any way, even insects, we extra listen!

He's starring in a new movie called Everybody Has a Plan where, aside from speaking Spanish the entire time, he murders his identical twin and assumes his identity.

He gave an interview about the movie, and was asked about one of his characters, who was a beekeeper. He was asked:

"One of your characters in the film is a beekeeper. Did you learn to do your own beekeeping for the film?"

…and responded:

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