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Katy Perry Schools Coachella And Fans On Selfie Etiquette!

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katy perry instagram selfie doodle

Note to self: don’t ask Katy Perry to take a selfie!

The now slime-green-haired pop princess attended Coachella this weekend but unlike the thousands of other attendees who snapped shots of their lonesome at the music festival, KatyKat don’t play like that!

We hear a fan actually asked KP to take a selfie and she refused!

It all went down at the Harper's Bazaar's private Shop Bazaar pool party at The Parker Palm Springs. A fellow partygoer gave Katy her cell phone and asked if she’d oblige her with a solo selfie. But Katy said no!

Sources say Katy offered the fan an off-the-cuff rant on the practice and how adamantly opposed she was to partaking. She eventually agreed to pose WITH the fan, which, let’s be honest, that's a better photo to have on your phone in the first place!

But Katy wasn’t done sounding off against selfies!

Right after that happened, she jumped on Twitter and wrote:

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Maria Menounos Frosts Herself For An Ellen-Like Selfie With Nikki Reed & The Houghs! Fill In The Blank!

What is Maria Menounos thinking as she snaps a star-filled selfie with Derek Hough, Nikki Reed, and Julianne Hough??

Uh oh! Watch out Ellen DeGeneres! Maria Menounos is coming for your billion dollar selfie!!

The beautiful brunette was spotted taking a sexy selfie with Derek Hough, Nikki Reed, and Julianne Hough at The Kaleidoscope Ball - Designing the Sweet Side of L.A. hosted by Mattel Children’s Hospital UCLA on Thursday night, but it seems Maria was the only one who got the funny face memo.

And yet, hers is the prettiest we’ve ever seen!

So, while she was all glammed up in her FITTED Phillip Armstrong gown and decked out in all sorts of Anita Ko, Graziela Gems, and Le Vian jewels, she was thinking just how ___________ she looked as she snapped the pic.

[Image via Jason Merritt/Getty Images.]

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Koalas At Sydney Zoo Take The Cutest Selfies! No Matter How You Feel About Selfies, You Gotta CHECK THIS OUT!

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Koala's at Sydney Zoo take selfies with help from a new camera! That\'s so super cute!

The selfie. It's the most loved/hated practice of modern day camera phone owners.

No matter what your opinion is on selfies, there's one way to make sure it's cute and loved by everyone, every time. Wild Life Sydney Zoo knows the secret: have an animal take the selfie!!

When the zoo set up a

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Seth Rogen Goes Balls Out In New Selfie - No Really! Here's His Totally Naked Pic!

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seth rogen naked selfie

Seth Rogen has lost it!

And by "it" we mean his clothes!

YUP. The Neighbors star might've just dethroned Ellen DeGeneres' Oscar selfie as the reigning social media snap with a selfie that is leaving us both giddy and giggly.

Seth tweeted an almost TOO realistic portrait of himself bent over backwards completely nekked for the Twitterverse to take in.

We're having a similar reaction to this sketch as we would a car accident or scary movie - we really, REALLY want to look away, but we're way too intrigued.

Want to see both of Seth's balls??!

Enjoy an uncensored meet-and-greet with his sack….AFTER THE JUMP!!!

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Obsessed With Capturing The Perfect Selfie?! Now You Can Slim Down Any Pic With This Distorted & Deceiving App!

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kim kardashian selfie red

Are you ready to receive the digital slim down??

Because SkinneePix is about to supply it!

This new app (which can be purchased only on Apple products) offers personal Photoshopping for your face—relaxing the smile lines of concerned selfie-takers ALL OVER THE GLOBE!

The picture program, which costs $0.99, asks users to decide how much “weight” they want removed from their photos before posting to social media….

Seriously - 5, 10, 15 lbs!

Ironically, the app was created by a company calling themselves, Pretty Smart Women LLC (LOLz), who created the altering program because many of their pals were frequent pic posters to Instagram and Twitter:

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Kim Kardashian Almost Got Eaten By An Elephant In Thailand! Kris Jenner Just Stood By And Watched!!

Kim Kardashian was almost eaten by an elephant while vacationing in Thailand! Selfie ruined!

When it comes to selfies, Kim Kardashian is queen.

There is no denying that she has worked out the perfect angles and perfect facial expressions to maximize her selfie's selfieness.

When taking a good selfie, other than nailing that perfect high angle, you need to stay away from too much pout — and if you can include a cool or unique object or thing in the background, all the better.

So when Kim met an elephant while vacationing in Thailand, she knew

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Kim Kardashian was almost eaten by an elephant while vacationing in Thailand! Selfie ruined!

Think Selfies Are Harmless? Think Again! Meet The 19 Year-Old Who Was ADDICTED & Almost Ended His Life Because Of Them!!

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kid addicted to selfies

Who'd have known that you could be addicted to taking selfies?!

Danny Bowman, a 19 year-old boy from the UK, has admitted that due to his undiagnosed Body Dysmophic Disorder, he was actually addicted to taking selfies.

So much so, that he used to take 200 A DAY and spend about 10 hours in front of the mirror!

What the WHAAAAT!!

His obsession started

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