The Duggar Family From 19 Kids & Counting Succeed At Helping To Pass Anti-LGBT Legislation

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Well, this is very disappointing.

On Tuesday, TLC’s Duggar family from 19 Kids & Counting, successfully helped to pass an anti-LGBT bill which allows landlords and business owners to evict or fire people based on their gender identity.

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Obviously, this bill is very hurtful for those who identify as transgender in the Duggar’s hometown of Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Not to mention, the legislation is a major setback for America’s LGBT community and their supporters.

To push the bill through, the reality TV family donated $10,000 to the cause and matriarch Michelle robocalled members of the Fayetteville community, an act which angered MANY people due to the homophobic nature of the message.

So sad.

Our hearts go out to those who will be negatively affected by this hateful bill.

[Image via TLC.]

Dec 12, 2014 10:07am PST

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