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Wait, Did Stephen Baldwin Ask Fans To Pray For Hailey & Justin Bieber Because Of The Pregnancy?!

Wait, Did Stephen Baldwin Ask Fans To Pray For Hailey & Justin Bieber Because Of The Pregnancy?!

With the news of Justin and Hailey Bieber expecting their first child, fans have tons of questions! One big one is about her dad… Could it be Stephen Baldwin‘s bizarre prayer post about the couple earlier this year was because of the pregnancy all along?

More than two months ago, the 57-year-old actor reposted a pastor’s plea for fans to pray for Hailey and Justin as they deal with issues surrounding “their faith, marriage and life in general.” Stephen gave no further explanation about what happened to the couple, causing fans’ imaginations to run wild. And considering the marriage trouble rumors over the past few months, many grew concerned and speculated the message was about their ongoing problems! Many even thought he was telegraphing divorce news!

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However, some folks now think Stephen’s prayer had nothing to do with their rumored relationship woes at all! Instead, they believe the prayer request was actually about Hailey’s pregnancy! Here’s the sitch! Following the baby announcement on Thursday, sources with direct knowledge told TMZ that the Rhode Skin founder is already over six months pregnant and will enter her third trimester very soon.

Based on the timeline we have now, this means Hailey had just begun her second trimester when Stephen took to social media to share the prayer request at the end of February! Like, around the time couples tell family members? Once the first trimester is done?

So the plea very well could’ve been about her pregnancy! But does this mean there was a problem with the pregnancy? Or was the Usual Suspects star just antsy about being a granddad?

The theory is feeling pretty strong actually. For instance, it would make sense why the 27-year-old model was reportedly very angry with her father for “drawing attention to” a private matter. Hailey has said before she would keep her pregnancy a secret for as long as possible — a la Kylie Jenner. As she told GQ Hype last year:

“When there comes a day that that is true, you, you as in the internet, will be the last to know.”

If Stephen posted the prayer request about the pregnancy, perhaps Hailey feared fans would pick up on it? And he’d spoil the surprise? Or maybe she got mad at him for adding fuel to the marriage trouble rumors, thus causing extra stress amid the pregnancy? Either way, fans are convinced her dad’s cryptic comment was about the baby. One person wrote on X (Twitter):

“I’m crying Stephen Baldwin can’t keep secrets for s**t”

Apparently! LOLz! Others commented:


“the way this story caused so many breakup rumours for them”

“Ugh why does someone have to be the one who ruins it”

Fortunately for Hailey, Stephen didn’t spill the beans! She managed to keep her pregnancy under wraps over these past six months. But sadly, his post did cause a lot of chatter about the state of her marriage to Justin for weeks on end. So it’s no wonder he landed in the daddy dog house for a bit! What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

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