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31 Scary Movies To Stream In October!

Scary Horror Movies October Streaming 2019

It’s that time again! That magical month where all the ghosts, ghouls, and goblins come to visit like old friends… well, friends with malicious intent maybe.

As usual, we’ve scoured the streaming sites to find an eclectic mix of horror flicks to recommend.

Whether you’re looking for a jump, a laugh, or a lasting chill, we guarantee there’s something on this list up your particular dark alley!

Enjoy all month — and let us know YOUR favorite streaming scary movies in the comments (below)!

The Sixth Sense

The Sixth Sense scary movies 2019
(c) Hollywood Pictures/Netflix

A child psychologist meets a boy with a terrifying secret. If you haven’t already had this one spoiled for you, READ NOTHING and watch immediately! One of the most well-made, scariest films of all time.

Family Frights, G-g-g-ghosts

Streaming on Netflix.


Hereditary Scary Movies 2019
(c) Amazon

Toni Collette turns in a powerful performance that’ll have you screaming OSCAR SNUB as the matriarch of a family far, far more screwed up than she even realizes. But mark our words, this one is seriously disturbing.

Family Frights, Slow Burn, Satanic Panic

Streaming on Prime Video.


Hush scary movies 2019
(c) Blumhouse/Netflix

A masked killer terrorizes a deaf writer, thinking she’ll be easy prey — but this horror novelist isn’t ready to play the role of victim. A masterfully tense thriller from the creator and one of the stars of The Haunting Of Hill House.


Streaming on Netflix.

Final Destination

Final Destination Scary Movies 2019
(c) New Line/YouTube

When a few classmates avoid a tragedy, death itself decides they were supposed to die… and still will. A completely unique take on the teen slasher — well, not completely unique; there were four sequels after all! BTW, Hulu also has Final Destinations 2-4 available if you want to make a whole marathon of it. (Unfortunately not the excellent Part 5!)

Buckets of Blood, Teen Terror

Streaming on HULU.

The Conjuring

The Conjuring Scary Movies 2019
(c) Warner Bros/Netflix

A totally classic haunting story — based on the files of real-life demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren — in which a family gets spooked by some serious apparitions in their new home and have to call on the pros for help.

Family Frights, G-g-g-ghosts

Streaming on Netflix.

Evil Dead II

Evil Dead II Scary Movies 2019
(c) Renaissance Pictures/YouTube

The movie so nice, they made it twice! Yes, the cabin-in-the-woods classic is basically just the exact same plot as the first movie, only with more slapstick and splatter. And that makes it one of the greatest horror classics of all time! (BTW, the original is also streaming!)

Buckets of Blood, Silly Scares

Streaming on HULU.

The Autopsy of Jane Doe

The Autopsy of Jane Doe Scary Movies 2019
(c) IFC Midnight/Netflix

What’s the mystery behind the girl on the table? Why is everything suddenly getting so creepy? The scares begin for a coroner and his son the moment the body bag opens in this totally unique thriller…

Slow Burn, Mind Games

Streaming on Netflix.

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place Scary Movies 2019
(c) Paramount/Amazon

If the monsters hear you, it’s already too late; so you’ll be holding your breath along with the terrified John Krasinski and Emily Blunt as they try to keep their children safe. You may even hear how hard your heart is beating in some of the highest tension scenes ever filmed.

Family Frights, Agh! Real Monsters!

Streaming on HULU.

Scream 2

Scream 2 scary movies 2019
(c) Dimension Films/YouTube

What’s your favorite scary movie? If it’s the Scream franchise, you’re in luck! Netflix just completed the set with the all-important Part II! The satire continues as the inherent quality of sequels is debated both by those in the movie AND those watching! We recommend a full masked marathon for maximum meta humor!

Slasher, Teen Terror

Streaming on Netflix.

Gerald’s Game

Geralds Game Scary Movies 2019
(c) Netflix

A woman facing one of the most nightmarish scenarios imaginable must face outer dangers and inner demons as she slowly loses her mind. A truly terrifying adaptation of the “unfilmable” Stephen King novel — now more relevant than ever.

Mind Games

Streaming on Netflix.

Ginger Snaps

Ginger Snaps scary movies 2019
(c) Motion International/Prime Video

When two twisted sisters survive a werewolf attack, they have to count on their wits and each other to make it through what comes next. If you ever wished The Craft was about werewolves…

Teen Terror, Agh! Real Monsters!

Streaming on Prime Video.

Beyond The Gates

Beyond The Gates scary movies 2019
(c) IFC Midnight/HULU

Ever played one of those old VHS board games with the silly hosts trying to scare you? What if the carnage was real?? Two brothers experience just that in a sort of twisted, gory version of Jumanji.

Buckets of Blood, Silly Scares

Streaming on HULU.

The Blackcoat’s Daughter

The Blackcoats Daughter Scary Movies 2019
(c) A24/Netflix

Just before becoming a teenage witch on SabrinaKiernan Shipka absolutely kills it in this dark, twisty tale of a girls’ boarding school which becomes home to something else for the Winter holidays. American Horror Story‘s Emma Roberts and Bohemian Rhapsody‘s Lucy Boynton round out the cast.

Slow Burn, Satanic Panic

Streaming on Netflix.

Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories scary movies 2019
(c) Lionsgate/HULU

A supernatural skeptic is told about three cases so scary they won’t just change his mind — they’ll change his entire world. You won’t see the turns coming in this shocking, clever play adaptation.


Streaming on HULU.

Mom And Dad

Mom And Dad Scary Movies 2019
(c) Momentum Pictures/YouTube

It’s bedlam in the ‘burbs when all the parents succumb to a mass hysteria in which they feel the urge to murder their children. Nicolas Cage and Selma Blair‘s bonkers performances are worth the price of admission. Which is free. Because it’s streaming.

Crazzzy, Family Frights

Streaming on HULU.

The Ritual

The Ritual Scary Movies 2019
(c) Netflix

Four buddies take a trip to Sweden to mourn a friend’s passing. But what should give them closure instead gives them a new nightmare — as the hike takes them into deep into the local mythology.

Slow Burn, Mind Games

Streaming on Netflix.

Lake Mungo

Lake Mungo Scary Movies 2019
(c) Arclight Films/Prime Video

Hands down the most authentic documentary-style horror film ever made, this haunting story is like the best episode your favorite ghost hunter show was never able to make.

Family Frights, G-g-g-ghosts

Streaming on Prime Video.

The Witch

The Witch Scary Movies 2019
(c) A24/Netflix

This period piece puts the fear back in the folklore as a witch in the woods cranks up the tension and paranoia among the various members of a pious New England family.

Satanic Panic, Slow Burn, Ye Olde Scares

Streaming on Netflix.

Murder Party

Murder Party Scary Movies 2019
(c) Magnolia Pictures/Netflix

When a hapless Halloween fan accepts an invitation to a “murder party” he finds out he’s the guest of honor — luckily the art students planning the killing aren’t exactly ready to go pro. Highly recommended for people who love to hate pretentious college students!

Silly Scares, Buckets of Blood

Streaming on Netflix.

Child’s Play

Child's Play Scary Movies 2019
(c) United Artists/YouTube

The original is still the best! When a serial killer uses voodoo (oh, the ’80s!) to transport his soul into the nearest thing to another body — a child’s doll — he ends up starting his murder spree all over again, in a more ridiculous but no less efficient way.

Slasher, Family Frights

Streaming on Prime Video and HULU.


Insidious Scary Movies 2019
(c) Universal/Netflix

A haunting story with some clever twists — a family smart enough to actually get the heck out of the house! — and some seriously intense scares for a PG-13 flick!

Family Frights, G-g-g-ghosts

Streaming on Netflix.


Apostle Scary Movies 2019
(c) Netflix

When a former missionary (Beauty And The Beast star Dan Stevens) learns his sister has been abducted to a remote island, he braves a religious cult and something far darker to get her back.

Slow Burn, Ye Olde Scares

Streaming on Netflix.

Tucker And Dale VS Evil

Tucker and Dale VS Evil Scary Movies 2019
(c) Magnet Releasing/Netflix

In a farcical sendup of typical slasher fare, two affable hillbillies end up terrorizing a group of teens in their cabin in the woods — completely by accident!

Silly, Slasher

Streaming on Netflix.

The Perfection

The Perfection Scary Movies 2019
(c) Netflix

Two star cello players meet, and then everything just goes… bats**t crazy. Call it something bold or so-bad-it’s-good, The Perfection is one of the wildest, most unpredictable movies you’ll ever see.

Crazzzy, Mind Games

Streaming on Netflix.


Pumpkinhead Scary Movies 2019
(c) United Artists/Prime Video

It may have a silly name, but this unique horror tale is no joke! Calling on the help of a revenge demon may seem like a good idea, but in true fairy tale fashion — to go along with the film’s dream-like aesthetic — it turns out to be a real lesson… for whoever is left alive that is.

Agh! Real Monsters!

Streaming on Prime Video and HULU.

Velvet Buzzsaw

Velvet Buzzsaw Scary Movies 2019
(c) Netflix

When a deceased painter’s hidden work is discovered by the art world, it makes an instant splash — a sticky, red one. This unique blend of high-minded art world satire and mindless gorefest won’t be for everyone, but if you ever wanted to watch a nude, bisexual Jake Gyllenhaal freak out (and who doesn’t??), it is an absolute must-see!

Crazzzy, Mind Games

Streaming on Netflix.


Suspiria Scary Movies 2019
(c) Amazon

It’s rare a remake gives the original a run for its money, but 2018’s high-minded Suspiria turns the witchcraft (by way of ballet) classic completely on its head, adding metaphor while still delivering gore. Oh, and there are THREE Tilda Swinton performances, which we’re pretty sure is a record.

Slow Burn, Satanic Panic

Streaming on Prime Video.

Train To Busan

Train To Busan scary movies 2019
(c) Next Entertainment World/Netflix

The apocalypse is on in Korea, and the zombies are faster and more vicious than you’ve ever seen. For this group of passengers, even a speeding train may not be enough to get away…

Crazzzy, Buckets of Blood

Streaming on Netflix.

Starry Eyes

Starry Eyes Scary Movies 2019
(c) Dark Sky Films/Prime Video

How far will this aspiring actress go to become a star? How about a deal with the devil? An allegory which turns Hollywood corruption up a few degrees.

Slow Burn, Satanic Panic

Streaming on Prime Video.


Annihilation scary movies 2019
(c) Paramount/Prime Video

Anything that goes into The Shimmer doesn’t come out… but this team has nothing to lose. Natalie PortmanTessa Thompson, and more venture into an alien landscape on Earth and find some of the most disturbing, thought-provoking visuals you’ve ever seen.

Agh! Real Monsters!

Streaming on Prime Video.

The Monster Squad

The Monster Squad scary movies 2019
(c) TriStar Pictures/HULU

Before Stranger Things, there was the genuine ’80s kids vs monsters movie, in which a club of horror-loving nerds suddenly have to face a whole cadre of classic creatures.

Tween Terror, Silly Scares, Agh! Real Monsters!

Streaming on HULU.

[Image via Dimension Films/Universal/Paramount/Amazon/Netflix.]

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