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Supporters Of Accused Serial Rapist Bowen Turner Allegedly Harassed & Bullied Victims' Families -- WTF?!

Supporters Of Accused Serial Rapist Bowen Turner Allegedly Harassed & Bullied Victims' Families -- WTF?!

The family and friends of accused South Carolina serial rapist Bowen Turner have reportedly been harassing, bullying, and badgering the families of the alleged victims in his shocking case.

Perezcious readers will recall our prior reporting on the 19-year-old Turner, who was accused of three sexual assaults by three different young women in the Palmetto State over the last several years.

In one case, his alleged victim Dallas Stoller died by suicide before she could testify against him in court. In a second case, involving alleged victim Chloe Bess, Turner took a plea deal for assault and battery rather than face rape charges. He received only probation in a sentence levied last month that Bess’ family regarded as extremely lenient. A third allegation was investigated credibly by authorities before they decided not to pursue charges against Turner.

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According to new bombshell reporting from, as Turner serves out his probation-only sentence at his parents’ home in the city of Orangeburg, South Carolina, his supporters and family members have allegedly “twice made contact with the family” of Stoller.

On April 13, per the outlet, Stoller’s mother Michelle Stoller allegedly received a phone call from an unknown number. When she answered, the caller reportedly said his name was “Adam” and that he was “phoning on behalf of Bowen Turner.”

Dallas’ older sister Brette Tabatabai told the outlet:

“They said Bowen was sorry for what he had done but could we stop speaking to the media because he had an extremely bright future and all of this was dampening it. Saying that to parents who have just buried their daughters… what about Dallas’ future? She doesn’t have one because of him. It’s deeply inappropriate. As if it wasn’t enough with Dallas, the bullying is just continuing.”


Just three days later, on April 16, Dallas’ father Karl Stoller missed calls that came into his cell phone. Upon checking the caller ID verification, the number was allegedly listed as that of Jennifer Turner — Bowen Turner’s mother.

Stoller, who is a part-time sheriff’s deputy in the area, did not answer the calls. He later spoke to the news outlet about his reaction to receiving the contact, saying:

“I chose not to answer the call. I didn’t have anything to say and I didn’t need to hear about problems we were causing for Bowen, I didn’t feel like it was appropriate… I felt anger and surprise but then you’re appalled. I don’t care about his bright future in light of what happened to my daughter. It’s surprising and appalling.”

Now, the Stoller family is asking a judge to issue a permanent restraining order against contact from the Turners.

Dallas’ tragic and untimely death this past November isn’t the only concern surrounding the allegations against Turner, either. In Bess’ case, the victims’ families are arguing Bowen received special treatment because he was represented by State Senator Brad Hutto — and because Bowen Turner’s own father works in the court system in their South Carolina town.

Tabatabai said:

“It’s the Good Ole Boys’ system… It’s all power, politics and privilege.”

And Karl Stoller added:

“Turner’s family are obviously well connected. They’re in the country club area, we live on a farm.”

Tabatabai also recalled how her family has watched others in the Orangeburg area support Bowen Turner on social media throughout the last few years.

The grieving sister alleged:

“People started sending me screenshots of stuff on social media that had been posted at the time. … It’s people saying ‘we love you Bowen,’ ‘#FreeBowen,’ ‘we believe you.’ I just imagined being Dallas and seeing this… The school wasn’t doing anything about it.”

Just sickening…

While Turner is already serving out his incredibly lenient no-jail plea deal in Bess’ case, Stoller’s family is hoping they can now convince the State Solicitor, Bill Weeks, to reopen Dallas’ case. It had been closed several months after her November 2021 death, when prosecutor Dave Miller decided to drop the charges after telling her family he didn’t believe they could get a conviction against Turner without her testimony.

Now, Karl Stoller is hopeful that will change. He told the outlet:

“Because of the amount of evidence they had in this situation, being her written statement, photographs, physical evidence ad witness statements, that were all attested to and signed, I felt like they had a little better than average chance at success moving forward with prosecution.”


That would be quite a welcome development after these newest sickening allegations about Bowen Turner’s family and friends.

[Image via Bamberg County Detention Center/Times And Democrat/YouTube]

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