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Adam Brody JUDGED Leighton Meester Based on Her Gossip Girl Character Before They Got Together!

Adam Brody JUDGED Leighton Meester Based on Her Gossip Girl Character Before They Got Together!

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, dude!!

In a new interview with Anna Faris, The O.C. alum Adam Brody revealed his first impression of now-wife Leighton Meester and why her portrayal of Blair Waldorf on the mega hit series Gossip Girl almost prevented them from ever getting together in the first place! WHAT?

The former teenage heartthrob admitted on Monday that he met his wife way back in 2007 because they were both working on teen drama’s produced by Josh Schwartz. He spilled on the Unqualified podcast that he was introduced to Meester just as GG was beginning, saying:

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“Josh Schwartz produced both shows and literally the first time we met, that whole cast was eating at Canter’s [Deli in Los Angeles] and I lived at Canter’s for like my entire 20s. And I was leaving, and he introduced all of us.”

After that initial meet cute, as they say, the duo “bumped into” each other a lot over the next four years before actually working together in their film The Oranges! While he was “very attracted to her from jump,” Adam had already given his heart to someone else. The actor explained:

“I was seeing someone at the time [when we did the movie]. So, we met kind of through mutual work friends off and on. And then we didn’t get together about a year after that movie when I was single.”

So, what the heck does Blair Waldorf have to do with their nuptials? The 41-year-old star admitted he thought the performer would turn out to be as snobby as the fictional NYC socialite!

“She’s a heavenly creature. But I had no idea whether she was a good person or not. And, in fact, kind of assumed she probably wasn’t for like the first handful of years that I didn’t know her, just because, I don’t know, Gossip Girl. Not that I tagged all actresses with that or anything — I didn’t. And I like to date actors. I never believe that stigma.”

While he may not believe in “that stigma,” it still took him some time to get over the fact that Leighton wasn’t Blair!

“I thought she was gorgeous. And even when we did the movie, there was chemistry there, but I was seeing someone. And I was like, ‘Oh, she’s cool.’ But I still didn’t know, and that continued even to when we first started dating, I was like, ‘I’m not sure.’ And come to find out she’s literally like Joan of Arc. She is, like, the strongest, best person I know. She is my moral compass and North Star, and I just can’t say enough good things about her character. It’s crazy.”

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“Not sure”??? Adam almost missed the boat on his happily ever after! Luckily for them, he got over his bad first impression of the 34-year-old and the couple secretly tied the knot in 2014, according to Us Weekly. Every day they spend as a family (with their 5-year-old Arlo and 7-month-old son whose name hasn’t been revealed yet), the Gilmore Girls alum realizes what a catch he’s got:

“She’s never been rude to like a single person in her life, except — and I give her credit for this — paparazzi, where I’m too self-conscious. I wouldn’t say rude but like people will try to get her to sign some sexy old photo or something that aren’t fans but they pretend to be fans … It’s sort of a bottom-feeding thing … She has no problem being like, ‘You can hate me. I don’t care.’”

LOL, we love that confidence!! Can U believe this romance out of our teenage drama dreams almost never happened just because Brody thought Blair Waldorf might be the real deal?? Dish your thoughts in the comments (below)!

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