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Adele 'Couldn’t Get Through Rehearsal' For Residency Without 'Sobbing' -- Because Of 'Stresses' With BF Rich Paul?!

Adele ‘Couldn’t Get Through Rehearsal’ For Las Vegas Residency Without ‘Sobbing’!

Oof. This Las Vegas residency drama continues to be such a bummer.

It’s pretty obvious that Adele was emotional about rescheduling her Weekends With Adele concert series, which was supposed to begin last week. When she told fans the event would be postponed because the “show ain’t ready” on Thursday, she was clearly on the brink of an emotional breakdown. Sadly, it now sounds like that might have been her state of mind for the last several weeks.

Hey, it’s a pandemic! Haven’t we all been that way LOL?

A new source is opening up about the behind-the-scenes scandal to Page Six, claiming that the English songwriter was “shouting and sobbing” on the phone to her boyfriend Rich Paul during rehearsals. Oh, and we don’t mean just in the last week when she realized her production wasn’t up to par. No, she’s apparently been sobbing for an entire month!

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A source close to the management team at Caesars Palace noted:

“Adele’s been crying and couldn’t get through a single full rehearsal for the past month.”

They continued:

“Just constantly on the phone with Rich … loudly shouting and sobbing. She has barely rehearsed because she is constantly in the middle of an emotional shootout.”

Whoa! Honestly, that’s pretty sad to hear!! Unfortunately, this isn’t the only source opening up about how bad things were supposedly getting between the couple. Scott Roeben, the Las Vegas-based journalist for who broke the news of the star’s cancelation, also claimed that Adele’s stress — stemming from her “relationship” — has been so problematic, insiders don’t think she’ll ever reschedule her concert dates. He dished:

“There are rumblings that there are stresses related to Adele’s relationship. I’m told that these stresses caused her to be in a place where she was just not confident moving forward. You can’t focus if you’re not where you need to be in your head.”

Well, that’s certainly a plot twist! Paul is the first serious relationship Adele has been in since divorcing Simon Konecki, with whom she shares son Angelo, 9. She was spotted flying right home to be with the sports agent after posting her emotional Instagram video. We assumed it was just to get out of the public eye and process the delay around someone she loves… but could she be trying to put out a fire at home? Hmm.

Scott also provided more insight into some of the other arguments that surely took up a lot of Adele’s thoughts and energy during rehearsals. As we reported, the Hello vocalist and her team asked The Colosseum to upgrade its already state-of-the-art sound and video equipment to meet her high standards. While Caesars was willing to make those changes, they had some demands of their own.

Roeben claims the venue’s management team was pushing for Adele to include a 60-person choir to accompany her on Skyfall. These are probably the non-union musicians hired given the amount. It’s unclear why Adele’s team was fighting against the choir, but it was supposedly a point of contention. Now, the postponement is causing consequences for everyone involved, the journalist added:

“It’s a major implosion for [Caesars] financially, and the PR is terrible. They hired more staff at their restaurants, put more dealers on their casino tables. You’ve got people with disposable income coming to Vegas, and this huge machine is reliant on you showing up.”

All that said, Scott does think the last-minute cancelation couldn’t have been avoided, noting:

“But when you say you’re not going to use the existing audio system, you just throw things into turmoil. When you want to replace a video screen, you’re waiting for a supply chain, and that’s disruptive — you can’t get a certain video board from China and no magical thing is going to make it happen. I think it’s true that it came down to the wire.”

Though he doesn’t think the Grammy winner should be totally off the hook. The very fact that she ditched all dates of the three-month-long residency is a “huge red flag” that there were too many problems to solve in a timely fashion.

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Scott continued:

“You don’t need to cancel the residency. It seems to imply a lot more going on.”

As for why Adele would have been considering using a swimming pool to lift her off the ground and create an illusion that she was floating on water, the confidant believes the mom was feeling the pressure of following in the footsteps of Celine Dion, who just had one of the most successful residency in the city’s history. In the same venue, no less.

“This is the house that Céline built.”

Another insider thinks “the scale and the lunacy” of Katy Perry’s popular show in Vegas, which is currently running until March, didn’t help absolve the pressure to put on a spectacle. They told the outlet:

“It gives you some idea of what people have in their mind for a Vegas residency — there’s dancing and pyrotechnics. This town is built on over-the-top extravagance and sheer ‘wow’ factor. Adele would have been scrutinized and judged on a different scale.”

And yet… that’s happening now for a different reason. So it’s a lose-lose situation, we guess. Truly unfortunate. Thoughts, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Saturday Night Live/Bloomberg Quicktake/YouTube & Adele/Instagram]

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