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Adele's 'Diva' Demands For Las Vegas Residency Were Impossible To Meet, Per Latest Reports

Adele's 'Diva' Demands For Show Were Impossible To Meet, According To Latest Rumors

UPDATE 6:00 PM PST: Even MORE reporting is coming out about the behind-the-scenes nightmare leading up to the postponement. Per Extra, “Adele’s Vegas show was actually in rehearsals in Fresno for five weeks, but the Grammy winner didn’t check on the progress in Las Vegas until last week. Sources say the first time she saw everything was three days before opening night and she flipped out.” Oof.


Adele keeps getting heat over canceling/postponing her Las Vegas residency!

On Thursday, when the English singer took to Instagram to share the unfortunate news with fans, she claimed coronavirus and shipping delays were the hold-up. But she also hinted at an inability to put together a show that would be good enough for viewers, tearfully saying:

“It’s been impossible to finish the show. And I can’t give you what I have right now. And I’m gutted.”

Many fans were quick to send messages of support — except for those already in Vegas for the show, who just lost out on thousands of dollars because of the last-minute cancellation. While demanding refunds, it seems everyone wants to know the real reason why the residency was put on pause… and, well, it continues to look bad for the 33-year-old. According to new reports, perfectionism was the problem all along!! Hmm…

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Via, sources in Las Vegas claim Adele’s team was a “total nightmare” to deal with during the preparation for her three-month residency, which was supposed to run from late January to mid-April. And we’re talking next-level diva s**t here!

The Easy on Me crooner was set to perform at Caesars Palace in The Colosseum theatre, an iconic venue the likes of Madonna, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion have all headlined. All of them are powerhouse women known to have high standards for their shows, and yet, the venue apparently wasn’t good enough for Adele! Like, so bad they were forced to renovate!!

The mom of one and her camp insisted the theater upgrade its already state-of-the-art sound system AND install a brand new video system. Journalist Scott Roeben told the outlet:

“Apparently, Adele and her team refused to use the house equipment in The Colosseum. The theatre has a massive video screen, very high tech, but Adele’s team insisted upon an entirely new system — a larger screen, essentially built a few inches in front of the existing screen.”

There were more changes needed, he added:

“I also hear from a source that Caesars had to replace the cutting edge Meyer sound system and replace it with a different system for her.”

It’s no wonder she faced serious shipping delays, Scott continued:

“Such demands not only drive up production costs but, at a time when supplies are disrupted, it’s a recipe for disaster – in this case last-minute delays or cancellations.”

But, here’s where it gets even more inneresting. Roeben heard from sources who insist the venue was “ready” to put on the show, noting:

“It’s being shared from those familiar with the situation that Caesars Palace was ‘100 per cent ready for her’, so there are other forces at work here. Unfortunately, it sounds like one of those factors is a diva.”

Damn!!! But, seriously, it sadly sounds like that is at least part of the problem. Because if Adele was content with putting on a simple show — like she’s known for — then all of this would have been avoided. The songwriter’s well-known perfectionism and stage fright have also been called out as reasons for the delay.

All this chaos has reportedly caused “friction” between the performer and her management team, rightfully “adding to the stress level.” Rumor has it that the Hello vocalist might be looking to say goodbye to her longtime manager Jonathan Dickins, who discovered her when she first started posting videos online.

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Reportedly, Adele might prefer to swap out her manager to let her new boyfriend Rich Paul take control. He’s a sports agent, so, we guess he would have some experience… but honestly, that sounds like the worst decision ever. Just ask Kelly Clarkson about mixing relationships and business!!

We mean, it’s already messy for Adele. As we said, she’s having issues with her entire management team, and that includes Jonathan’s sister Lucy, who is her agent. Yikes. So why add a NEW boyfriend into the mix? Smells like impending stress-induced drama!

Another report we’re hearing? Allegedly, “explosive arguments” between the A-lister and set designer Esmeralda Devlin were also part of the residency problem. Yeah, from everything we’ve heard, it sounds like the two just couldn’t get on the same page, and pressure to put on the perfect show might have proved too debilitating for the musician to bear. A source told The Sun:

“In spite of the set costing millions to put together, Adele was unhappy with the result, and she made her feelings very clear to Es. She was already nervous and the falling-out sent her spiralling into a panic because she was desperate that everything should be perfect.”

With all this money down the drain, it’s no wonder there are now accusations about her trying to hire cheap talent by “union busting”. 

While new dates are unconfirmed at this time, a quick look at Caesars’ lineup suggests fans might not get a chance to see Adele perform until 2023. Worse, there’s speculation that the show may NEVER go on. Sigh.

Life just hasn’t been the same since the pandemic started. We’re all dealing with immense stress, and it manifests in ways like this.

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