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Adele On SNL: Singer Wows With Amazing Voice & Slim Look, But Did One Sketch Go Too Far?!

Adele took Saturday Night Live by storm last night!

Adele took over the show on Saturday Night Live last night, hosting the sketch comedy series’ newest episode while getting the ever-talented H.E.R. to pop in as musical guest! And what a memorable night it was, both on TV screens and online in reaction!

The British superstar turned many heads during the show with her new, slim look, for one! The proud momma was glowing — and there’s no question she looked amazing, having transformed her body quite a bit over the last few months. Love it! But there was much more than just fitness talk on viewers’ minds after Saturday night’s show!

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Perhaps the 32-year-old’s most visible sketch of the night was also her most controversial. In an “Africa Tourism” ad where she pops up with perfectly-coiffed hair, the Someone Like You singer immediately got called out for what some viewers saw as her and the show “fetishizing” black men.

You can see the skit itself (below), where Adele plays opposite Kate McKinnon and Heidi Gardner:

Quickly, commenters called out some of the more lewd and openly-inappropriate moments in the skit.

As you can see (below), several observers didn’t hold back over what they saw:

“That ‘Africa’ SNL sketch was Not Good. It portrayed bad stereotypes of black men and objectified them which is truly just not funny.”

“Adele, the woman dating black men and wearing Bantu knots, decided to be ok joining in on a skit about divorced white women going to Africa to fetishize black men?”

“A skit about white women going to Africa for sex tourism with Adele breaking character constantly because she can’t control her laughter. Really???”

“That Africa skit was tone def, insensitive and inappropriate. Men and women in Nigeria, Namibia, South Africa and The Democratic Republic of the Congo are fighting for their lives and to reduce the continent as sexual destination for white women is shameful.”


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Aside from her misstep there, Adele’s appearance on the show was otherwise generally well-received.

She wowed with her new slim look at the opening monologue, first popping out to show off her figure and add a glowing smile while kicking off the show, while also discussing her new album (it’s not finished yet) and more.

You can see the whole thing here:

Love it!

And though she was merely hosting, and not the musical guest, the 21 singer nevertheless got in on the act with performing a few choice hits during a particularly funny Bachelor-inspired skit that had a lot of people talking:

Yesss, girl!

Here’s more from the British pop princess:

What do U think, Perezcious readers?!

Obviously, social media had a LOT of opinions (as they always do…). In fact, Twitter erupted with Adele talk during and after the show, with some commenters weighing in on her performance.

Here are all the best reactions! Some funny, some crazy, some just… out there (below):

“Adele is a fantastic SNL host.”

“Grammy and Oscar winning singer Adele breaking character and bursting into laughter live on SNL is one of the funniest things you’d ever see”

“Adele’s SNL hosting gig has slowly turned into a live concert of her top hits and I’m here for it tbh”

“Adele hosting SNL is easily the greatest thing to come from 2020.”

“i think we can all agree that adele on snl is the best thing that happened this year.”

“I thought Adele was fantastic last night on SNL. I thought it was top-to-bottom the best episode of the season so far.”

“I love that SNL put on a whole skit just so Adele could sing her hit songs.”

“Adele is a treasure and I loved every minute of her on screen. Her personality rippled volumes in every sketch.”

“Adele. Great concert too. I would love a new album. Like now. 2020 needs it.”

“Adele exudes ‘i murdered my rich husband’ energy”

Wow! Reactions?

BTW, it wasn’t just Adele who showed out last night, either!!

H.E.R. did her thing in two amazing live performances:

Truly a show of girl power!!!

And the other skits on Saturday night’s new episode weren’t so bad, either! After all, SNL has to get in more politics talk with the American election just a little more than a week away!

Ch-ch-check out all the rest of last night’s skits and sketches (below):

There you have it!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers?!

What’d U really think of Adele’s performances last night? And her ‘Africa tourism’ controversy — did it miss the mark for you, or nah??

Sound OFF with your reaction to everything there down in the comments (below)!!!

[Image via SNL/YouTube]

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