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'I'm Not An Underdog!' Allison Williams' Perfect Response To Nepo Baby Question!

Allison Williams Nepo Baby Response WWHL Video

Yes, y’all, Allison Williams knows she’s a nepo baby!

The Girls alum visited Watch What Happens Live on Monday night to promote her hit horror film M3GAN and got hit with something a lot more dangerous than a robot doll — a question about nepotism!

Many stars have already faltered in the face of this type of questioning, so when a fan asked her:

“Why do you think other nepo babies have such a hard time accepting or admitting their privilege?”

It was a tough needle to thread!

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Funny enough, host Andy Cohen actually set her up by taking a moment to reveal what his “favorite” nepo baby, pal Anderson Cooper — son of heiress and fashionista Gloria Vanderbilt — thinks of the whole thing, saying:

“He says he’s not a nepo baby because he would be if he was working in fashion.”

Well, considering Anderson Cooper did get his start as a child model, that’s pretty darn disingenuous of him… Not to mention the idea that all the schooling and doors opened to him in the show business side of news are pretty inextricable from his mom’s wealth and notoriety.

Allison, on the other hand, as the daughter of famous news anchor Brian Williams, seems to know exactly her lot in life, explaining:

“I see it as just like, were you born on home base or like third base? And I feel like I was born on third base!”

She also thinks she understands why her fellow nepo babies get offended:

“I think what… people get tripped up because they feel like people are coming for their skill. The subtext is, ‘You’re not good, you don’t deserve what you have.’ And the truth is, there will always be people who feel that way about me. One hundred percent.”

We can certainly see how that would offend anyone. And we’re sure that’s how many who push the “nepo baby” argument think of them all. But even in the face of the harshest criticism, they should always keep in mind what Allison does — how lucky they are:

“I work really hard, whatever, that doesn’t mean… I’m not, like, an underdog. It’s not fun to root for me. I came into this with a big, big headstart and I feel like it’s totally okay to admit that. I feel really lucky, but I’m very privileged for sure.”

Seems like a pretty fair position to us! Not the born-on-third-base part, but the acknowledgement of being born on third. See her full response (below)!

[Image via Watch What Happens Live/MSNBC/YouTube.]

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