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Why Prince Harry Is Getting Called Out For Lying By TK Maxx!

Why Prince Harry Is Getting Called Out For Lying By TK Maxx!

Uh oh! Prince Harry is already being called out for lying in his new book!

As you know, the 38-year-old’s highly-anticipated memoir Spare was finally released this week, bringing a bunch of jaw-dropping revelations. While there was plenty of tea spilled about his time as a senior working member of the royal family, including details about a physical altercation with Prince William, he also dropped some mundane recollections about his life. Like what, you may ask? Well, just the fact that he shops at TK Maxx (the UK’s version of TJ Maxx)! And not just a casual shopper of the department store. Nope! Harry is a Maxxinista through and through!

In the book, the Duke of Sussex shared that despite receiving an official clothing allowance from his dad King Charles III, he loved buying his outfits from TK Maxx during their “once-a-year sale,” writing:

“For my everyday casual clothes I’d go to TK Maxx, the discount store. I was particularly fond of their once-a-year sale, when they’d be flush with items from Gap or J Crew, items that had just gone out of season or were slightly damaged.”

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He then goes out to detail the benefits of their discount sale, saying:

“If you timed it just right, got there on the first day of the sale, you could snag the same clothes that others were paying top price for down the street! With two hundred quid you could look like a fashion plate.”

When shopping at the store, Harry claimed he had “a system” where he would arrive about “fifteen minutes” before it closed (a sales associate’s worst nightmare, LOLz!). He recalled:

“Grab a red bucket. Hurry to the top floor. Begin systematically working one rack and down another. If I found something promising I’d hold it up to my chest or legs, standing in front of a mirror.”

The Archewell founder said he did not “dawdle” on whether or not he liked a specific “colour” or “style,” and he would never try the clothes on in the store. A friend would even come along to help him out sometimes:

“If I was on the fence about it, I’d ask Billy the Rock. He delighted in moonlighting as my stylist.”

Ultimately, Harry shared he would feel good by the time his shopping adventure was over since he didn’t have to worry about purchasing more pieces for a while:

“At closing time we’d run out with giant shopping bags, feeling triumphant. Now the papers wouldn’t call me a slob. At least for a little while. Far better, I wouldn’t have to think about clothes again for another six months.”

What can we say, Harry loves a good bargain when it comes to clothes! However, it turns out that the so-called “once-a-year sale” is not a thing! In fact, TK Maxx addressed the claim, insisting that its stores do not “do sales.” A spokesperson for the clothing brand explained to Express in a statement on Wednesday:

“Whilst we’re delighted Prince Harry is a big fan, we thought we should explain we don’t actually do sales. Instead, we offer great value, style, and savings all year round.”


To give Harry the benefit of the doubt, perhaps he was talking about when the garments were marked down to clearance and thought it must have a one time a year deal – or he just got the details completely wrong! Either way, he’s been called out for the mistake, and no doubt this will only add to the chatter with online critics who keep blasting him for supposedly lying about bigger things! Harry probably should have fact-checked this a couple of times.

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