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Creepy AF! Footage Resurfaces Of Nickelodeon Boss Dan Schneider In Hot Tub With Young Amanda Bynes!

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More and more evidence just keeps coming out proving what a weird environment Nickelodeon was for the kids working there back in the ’90s and early 2000s…

As we’ve been following with the release of docuseries Quiet on Set: The Dark Side of Kids’ TV, Nickelodeon was home to some extremely problematic staffers — like dialogue coach Brian Peck, who Drake & Josh alum Drake Bell says sexually abused him as a teenager. He was convicted of just that two decades ago, though no one knew who the victim was. Beyond Peck, network exec Dan Schneider has been a hot topic of conversation for YEARS.

There have been some GROSS allegations against Schneider. Zoey 101’s Alexa Nikolas claimed on a podcast back in 2022 that the showrunner sat in on her costume fittings — when she was 12. She also pointed out how he constantly took photos of child actors’ feet, something we guess seemed silly to them back then. Jeanette McCurdy wrote about the “Creator” coming to her costume fittings as well as encouraging her to drink. Schneider was the creator of both her shows, iCarly and Sam & Cat. And the latest piece of evidence is just as telling as any.

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Quiet on Set really delves into the strange relationship between Schneider and Amanda Bynes. And after seeing it this week, folks posted a really troubling clip online. In the resurfaced footage, the disgraced Nick exec creepily sits in a hot tub with a very young Amanda Bynes… The footage is from around 2002, which would make Amanda just 16 years old at the time. So why are they in a hot tub at all? And being filmed? Well, it was actually a regular bit on The Amanda Show. The segment was called Amanda’s Jacuzzi, and would feature her talking to various guests, historical figures, etc — but in a hot tub. This time in particular, it was her boss.

But it gets even creepier.

As noted in the video, Dan was the executive producer AND the head writer of the show, so he likely came up with the recurring segment, which required young Amanda to put on swimsuits regularly. And we already know he sat in on fittings… Yuck. But this time, he decided to be the interviewee. As he sits with her in the video, wearing his button-up shirt and shades, a young Amanda can be heard saying:

“Hi, welcome to my jacuzzi. Today my special guest is the executive producer of The Amanda Show, Dan Schneider.”

She adds:

“[Dan] actually wrote the words that we’re saying to each other right now.”

Dan responds:

“Yes, I actually wrote this whole conversation that we’re having right now.”

Watch the full video for yourself (below):

SO weird.

The footage was actually featured in Quiet on Set, which culture writer Scaachi Koul spoke inquisitively about:

“When you watch the video it is Amanda Bynes, clearly very young, wearing a swimsuit in a hot tub and next to her is Dan Schneider fully clothed. And he is kind of saying, ‘I created this situation. I am the reason we are in this hot tub. I am pulling the strings.’ Maybe at the time people viewed it as a comedy but I think now some people are very uncomfortable with the implication.”

Other Nickelodeon alums said when Amanda entered the scene she quickly became Dan’s “new favorite” and the two began spending a lot of time together, per the doc.

Poor Amanda… Gives us the heebie-jeebies.

Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Let us know down in the comments.

[Images via Nickelodeon & fanlalatv/YouTube]

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