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Amy Not Cheating, Says Amy

Since reports of her infidelity began popping up this weekend, Amy Winehouse is finally speaking publicly about the speculation and denying the rumors that she’s sleeping around.
According to reports, Amy has been shacking up with her manager’s assistant, Alex Haynes.
Both both Wino’s parents have released statements, pretty much confirming the affair, and Amy has apparently had enough.
Winehouse got into a huge screaming match with her father, Mitch, at her home on Monday, has learned.
Amy then stepped outside her front door, visibly shaken, to “set the record straight” – with none other than the paparazzi!
Winehouse began to attack the media for spreading “lies after lies after lies” about her.
One photog states that “Her father arrives, goes into her house and gives her a massive bollocking. You could just hear screaming and shouting inside. He was telling her, ‘You’ve got to fucking pull yourself together.’ We just heard swearing and shouting.”
The paparazzi continues, “I ended up having a 10-minute conversation with her on the doorstep. She insisted she is not divorcing Blake. She’s totally in love with him. I said, ‘How are things?’ She said, ‘It’s beautiful. The summer’s come and I can’t wait to get my Blake back.‘”
He adds, “She said to me, ‘You’ve seen us together – and you know how much we’re in love with each other. We’re gonna be together forever. Can you tell the people at the papers to stop writing lies after lies after lies. We’re not splitting up, I don’t have a new boyfriend, I’m totally in love with Blake and I’ll be going to court with him every single day to support him throughout his case. I couldn’t be happier.'”
Maybe Amy was just drunk and/or high????
Or, she’s just lying to us and wants the public to believe her side of things!
[Image via WENN.]

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Apr 28, 2008 23:42pm PDT

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