Angelina Jolie Reportedly Going After Brad Pitt’s Money From A Decade BEFORE They Got Married!

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This Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt battle is getting more violent than a scene from Mr. & Mrs. Smith — and now it too will date back to 2005…

Most recently Angelina’s team has accused Brad of not paying “meaningful” child support, later saying he had paid basically nothing for the past two years!

Now sources say she has a new legal strategy to get the money she says she’s due…

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Insiders tell The Blast Angie is thinking about planning to file a palimony lawsuit against Brad!

For those fortunate enough not to be in the know on this, palimony is the splitting of assets for a couple who wasn’t actually married. (In some states, this is made unnecessary by common-law marriage, but California isn’t one of them.)

While Brad and Angie famously did tie the knot eventually, their wedding wasn’t until August 2014. So far all the divorce settlement didn’t touch the money Brad made before.

But if Angie files a Marvin claim (named after actor Lee Marvin‘s court case), she will declare her entitlement to half of everything her ex made from the start of their relationship — which infamously began during the filming of 2005’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

The court case could even uncover MORE about their controversial tryst! Hmm.

This could end up being QUITE a lot of money; supposedly Brad has a net worth of $240 million, compared to Angie’s $160 mil.

Sounds like a lot of cash, but she *does* have a lot of kids to put through college…

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Aug 9, 2018 6:38pm PDT