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Joe Alwyn 'Respects' Taylor Swift's Songs About Him -- But *Is* Annoyed About 'Overblown' Importance Of Matty Healy!

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Well, this is interesting.

We’ve heard a lot about how Taylor Swift‘s exes are responding to the songs about them on The Tortured Poets Department. But a new source is spilling on what Joe Alwyn thinks about the stuff that’s not about him!

Ever since we learned there was more on the double album about Matty Healy than about Joe, we couldn’t help but see that as the biggest shade Tay could have thrown! Rather than a classic breakup song like We Are Never, Ever Getting Back Together or All Too Well, Tay’s boyfriend of six years gets… part of an album? Shared with the guy she rebounded with? Harsh! And turns out we may have been right on! This insider says that’s exactly what bothered Joe most! The stuff about him was actually spot on!

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A source told DeuxMoi, as revealed on her podcast this week, the stories about him being “relieved” aren’t quite right:

“It’s not really accurate to say he’s ‘relieved’ by the album because it’s not as though he was living in fear of what she’d be saying. He wasn’t worried in the first place.”

OK, so he is chill about it though? This insider agrees with that, for sure:

“Now that it’s out there, he isn’t reeling and isn’t devastated. They both know what went down between them and what their issues were. Honestly she was more scathing at points on MidnightsBejeweled especially, than on this album. Someone said the sad songs on the album are about Joe, and the mad ones are about Matty, and that mostly rings true. He’s not mad, he doesn’t think she’s mad, and the songs about him are pretty accurate in terms of what went wrong and how things fell apart. So he respects the fact she told her side of things in this way.”

Well, that’s good. Buuuuut it’s not the whole story. He doesn’t mind what she sang about him… but this source says he is irked by how much she had to say about this guy she went out with for all of a month after their breakup!

“He does think she’s overblown the significance of Matty, both in her life in general and in terms of his importance following their breakup.”

Hmm! Did she make a mountain out of a Mattyhill? Or was he in her life, and on her mind, for a whole decade?? Their situationship timeline goes all the way back to 2014, longer than what she had with Joe. And we’ve learned more recently about how hot and heavy — and possibly toxic — their relationship was at the start. Has Matty been a grain of sand in her head this whole time, throughout her years with Joe, and TTPD was the pearl that formed around it?

Maybe it’s not that Taylor has “overblown” Matty’s significance, maybe it’s Joe that never got the full picture? Hmm…

Either way, the source claims Joe is over it all now:

“He’s honestly not really focusing on it or her. This season of his life is over, it’s done, and he has completely moved on. He has zero hard feelings, and this album hasn’t changed any of that.”

Even the Matty Healy stuff, we guess?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Is Joe really chill about all of this? Or will this Matty Healy stuff eat away at him? Let us know your hot takes in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Avalon.]

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