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Kanye West's Religious Fans Can't Handle His Adult Entertainment News -- They'd Rather Believe This INSANE Conspiracy Theory!

Kanye West's Religious Fans Can't Handle His Adult Entertainment News -- They'd Rather Believe This INSANE Conspiracy Theory!

Word is Kanye West is starting up his own adult entertainment biz… and his true-believer religious fans are in shambles.

As we reported earlier this week, the Hurricane rapper is consulting with Stormy Daniels‘ ex and is planning to launch his new adult venture Yeezy Porn. That news was a shock to, well, everybody. But it was ESPECIALLY a shock to his most faithful followers! You know, the ones who bought into the Chicago native’s prior pontifications on Jesus!

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Ye has a LONG and involved history with Christianity. Remember, Kim Kardashian‘s ex released an entire freakin’ album called Jesus Is King back in 2019. And he aligned himself very closely with gospel music in that and other projects — including his famed Sunday Services!! He also invoked faith as he got more controlling over what the women in his life were wearing. It got real Duggar fam for a minute. So to go from that to the porn biz is, uh, not exactly the most expected route. In fact, it’s so out of left field it has Ye’s most loyal fans wondering: is this even the real Ye???

If you think that’s a crazy question, you must not be on X (Twitter) right now. Ye’s fans are flipping the f**k out over on Elon Musk‘s social media site. This tweet (below) is the most viral in a series of shocked reactions to Ye’s porn biz idea, and it claims Kanye has been replaced:

“The real Kanye is dead. How does he go from making Gospel music to starting his own porn company? He’s been replaced, remember what the real Kanye said ‘if I go away for a while and I come back, that’s not me.'”

Uhhh WTF?? Seriously?! FYI, that isn’t exactly the quote in question. In October of 2022, paparazzi cameras caught Ye out in public, and during an impromptu interview, he said this:

“If I ever went anywhere, we’d know why, so, we here.”

So, just FYI — that X post isn’t verbatim with the quote! It’s not like he predicted he’d be replaced with some kind of clone or something. Regardless, the conspiracy behind the tweet is WILD. And it’s far from the only reaction! The Yeezy Porn push has stirred up a TON of curiosity about whether Ye is okay — or if he’s even still himself!! As you can see (below), tons of X users with religious proclivities have been reacting negatively to Ye’s porn idea:

“He cloned af. Klonye”

“kanye making porn now? but ain’t this the same dude who made a whole album about Jesus…”

“say it louder. people are being deceived. let’s contain praying and fasting for the real kanye”

“I thought you gave your life to Christ, what happened man? You took it back or what?”

“Yeah if this is true then they are using him to destroy our culture even more. His interviews seem like him though so I don’t know if it’s a clone or replacement, but this is definitely isn’t the same Kanye that went against the Jews.”

“Kanye going from Ultralightbeam & Jesus is Lord to ‘yeezy porn’ is crazy. Even for kanye, this is crazy… smh”

“Kanye went from Jesus is King to Yeezy porn is cumming in the space of 5 years that’s actually crazy wtf”

“The old kanye rapped about porn and did sexual things. Jesus is king era kanye isn’t old kanye”

“Listening to Kanye West’s album ‘Jesus Is King’ and meditating for him to have revelation to Rebuke the demons that are telling him to start a porn company.”


Obviously, the conspiracy about Ye being replaced is coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs. But that and all the other reactions to Yeezy Porn really underscore the fact that his religious fans are NOT happy with the rapper’s new direction. Like, at all. Though we’ll note we didn’t hear that much about him being “cloned” when he was out there talking about liking Hitler, so…

What about U, Perezcious readers? Thoughts?? Reactions?! Share ’em (below)!

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