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Was Matty Healy Cheating On Taylor Swift Way Back In 2014?!

Taylor Swift Matty Healy 2014 Relationship Cheating

When The Tortured Poets Department turned out to be way more about Matty Healy than Joe Alwyn, most casual Taylor Swift fans were confused. After all, she had been with Joe for six years! That thing with the singer from The 1975 was a month-long fling! Right?

Well, not exactly. Taylor and Matty had a sort of situationship that spanned a whole decade. And while they never confirmed it — and hell, Matty even denied it — they were strongly rumored to have dated back in 2014. (You can see their full timeline HERE!)

Tay attended one of his shows in LA in November 2014 with pals Selena Gomez and Ellie Goulding, and the rumor mill got flying. A source told Us Weekly at the time it was a thing, just new. Like we said, Matty later denied the whole thing. But eyewitnesses from the time tell a different story!

Video: Matty Healy’s Mom HILARIOUSLY Reacts To TTPD

An Us Weekly writer who was at that show told his story of seeing the sparks between the singers even then. Kevin Dickson says he watched Tay and Selena go “into full fangirl mode” and quickly twigged something more was going on:

“I’d worked in magazines long enough to know that most celebrities did not carry on like this at shows for no reason, and I began to wonder if Swift was just a 1975 superfan, or whether she was actually dating the singer.”

He noted in particular Tay’s reaction to Matty announcing to the LA crowd he was moving there in a few months:

“Predictably, the crowd went insane at the news, and so did Swift, yelling ‘Oh yeah’ and raising her fists in the air. After this she turned to Gomez and whispered something, and Gomez smiled, nodding.”

He also wrote:

“I watched Swift as [the song fallingforyou] played, her eyes closed much of the time, one hand on her heart. When the song ended, she made (then-classic) heart with her hands, holding it in the direction of the stage. She seemed completely smitten with Healy.”

But we have much more solid confirmation they were dating back then — though from an anonymous source this time. DeuxMoi revealed on her Deux U podcast Thursday that she’d gotten this particular juicy bit of info during that brief summer fling of 2023! Speaking about the then-current relationship, this insider said they were “rekindling” their previous relationship. This person claimed they absolutely knew firsthand that Taylor and Matty were hooking up back then:

“I dated someone from 2014 to 2015. Was around Taylor and Matty a lot during that time. They were definitely hooking up briefly in the Fall/Winter of 2014. I saw them making out a few times but definitely weren’t exclusive. At least he wasn’t.”

Sorry, wait… what was that last part??

Yeah, this person is hinting they know for sure that Matty was hooking up with other people at the time! And Tay may not have known about it! Whoa!

Is that what went wrong between them back then? Was he CHEATING on her? Or was it always casual, and Taylor was chill with him hooking up with other girls on the tour? An open relationship doesn’t feel like her style to us, but who knows.

What do YOU think, Perezcious dating experts? Was she more serious about Matty than he was about her? Was their 2023 relationship his chance to prove he’d matured past that f**kboy stage? That’s kind of the impression we’re getting…

Let us know your take in the comments (below)!

[Image via Graham Finney/Joseph Marzullo/WENN.]

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