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Brad Pitt’s Attorneys Clap Back At Angelina Jolie After Her Abuse Claims!

Brad Pitt fires back at Angelina Jolie after her abuse claims

Brad Pitt is not going down without a fight.

As we previously reported, the ongoing legal battle over the Chateau Miraval, the winery the 60-year-old actor and Angelina Jolie purchased together in 2018, heated up earlier this week. Her legal team filed a motion on Thursday demanding the release of communications they believe prove Brad refused to sell her share of the vineyard to him — unless she signed a “more onerous” and “expansive” nondisclosure agreement. What was he trying to cover up? She claimed he did not want his “history of physical abuse” to be made public!

In the filing, Angelina alleged Brad’s abuse of her happened long before the notorious 2016 plane incident that led to their divorce! That was the first time he had been violent toward her kids, though. Her attorney, Paul Murphy, added in a statement to People that the Fight Club alum only pushed for the NDA to hide these allegations:

“Mr. Pitt refused to purchase Ms. Jolie’s interest when she would not be silenced by his NDA. By refusing to buy her interest but then suing her, Mr. Pitt put directly at issue why that NDA was so important to him and what he hoped it would bury: his abuse of Ms. Jolie and their family. After eight months of delays, this motion asks the Court to force Mr. Pitt to finally produce that evidence.”

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There are no further details about the prior incidents of abuse at this time. But less than 24 hours later, Brad fired back at Angelina! According to People, his lawyers filed their own motion in court on Friday asking the 48-year-old actress to disclose NDAs she has made others sign. Their reasoning behind this move? They hope to prove the nondisclosure agreement Brad wanted her to sign was no more restrictive than the ones she had had others sign before.

They further allege her legal team proposed a broader, mutual non-disparagement clause to Pitt in connection to their divorce proceedings less than six months after she sold her shares of Miraval to Russian billionaire Yuri Shefler in October 2021. The court documents said:

“For example, if Jolie conditioned her continued employment of an individual on that individual’s agreement to an NDA covering what they witnessed in her home — including her treatment of her children and Pitt — that would be highly probative of whether she truly believed the provision requested by Pitt was an ‘unconscionable gag order.”

After the new motion, Murphy clapped back at Brad’s team! Angelina’s lawyer insisted to the outlet that the NDAs are completely different, saying:

“For Pitt to equate common NDAs covering confidential information employees learn at work, with him attempting to cover up his history of abuse is, frankly, shameful. All she wanted was separation and health. She deserves peace after all these years.”

However, those close to the Oscar winner still feel this is nothing more than a smokescreen to distract from the Miraval issue. A friend of Brad also slammed Angelina, saying her lawyers “keep using the same tired playbook year after year.” Yeesh. An insider for the Bullet Train star noted that “this case isn’t about what took place on a plane in 2016,” adding:

“It’s about whether they had an agreement not to sell their interests in the winery and family home without the other’s consent. That’s what Brad and his team are focused on.”

This situation is getting messier by the day! Reactions to the latest, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, help is available. Consider calling the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 800-799-7233, or text START to 88788, or go to

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