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Cause Of Death Publicly Revealed For Popular Late British Teen Actor Archie Lyndhurst

British Actor Archie Lyndhurst's cause of death has finally been revealed.

Lucy Smith Lyndhurst, the mother of late British teen actor Archie Lyndhurst, has come forward with the cause of her son’s tragic, untimely death.

As you may recall, the star of the CBBC comedy series So Awkward died at just 19 years old back on September 22, 2020. He was just one month shy of his 20th birthday at the time — a true tragedy.

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But now, we know more about what killed the son of Only Fools and Horses actor Nicolas Lyndhurst, according to Lucy herself. (Archie is pictured above, on the right, alongside both of his parents during a 2017 red carpet event.)

The mourning mother announced her son’s sudden, tragic cause of death in a new Instagram post, saying (below):

“Dearest friends, it’s so difficult to know where to start. There is no easy way in any of this. On the 22nd September our world blew apart, the damage caused to it totally irreparable. Archie was, and always will remain our everything. Those of you who know us know the catastrophic effect it has had, and will have on us for the rest of our days. Archie was the most extraordinary magical human being we have ever met. We are still learning each day the incredible impact he had on others lives, the kindness and generousity he showed them. He was an old soul and incredibly advanced for his years in many ways. As his parents we couldn’t be prouder of him for all he achieved in the short time he was given, and especially for the beautiful human being he was. We are so grateful and privileged to have been chosen to be his parents. The journey and adventure has been the best anyone could ever have wished for. A truly magical time in every way possible.”

And she continued on from there, writing about the reason for Archie’s death, revealing (below):

“Four days before Christmas Nick and I sat in Harley Street with the results of Archie’s second post mortem. A very detailed document, which we had been warned by the coroner would be a harrowing read, and best explained by a medical practitioner. The Dr explained Archie died from natural causes (something we knew already, only gossips, keyboard warriors, trolls and the ignorant thought differently). He died from an Intracerebral Haemorrhage caused by Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukaemia. This is not Leukaemia as we know it, the word Acute in medical terms means rapid. He assured us that there wasn’t anything anyone could have done as Archie showed no signs of illness. Archie had numerous bleeds on the brain and the Dr went to great lengths to reassure us that he wouldn’t have been in any pain as it happened in his sleep. The results utterly floored us to think something like this could happen. It’s very rare and around only 800 people a year die from it.”


Here’s the full post from Lucy, first published on Friday afternoon (below):

So, so sad…

In a second Instagram post also shared that day, Lucy followed it up with another sweet message about her beloved son:

“Nick and I try each day to make Archie proud, but it’s baby steps, beyond hard and a struggle at times. The world is a very different place without him. One of my last conversations with him was about all that was going on in the world, the chaos, anger about all different subjects. He looked at me with his huge blue soulful eyes, shook his head and said ‘All the world need is love Mama, it’s so easy to love.’ And to him it was. He gave it wherever he went in abundance.”

Here’s that full post, there too:

Just awful, awful stuff to have lost such a wonderful, talented young man so early in his life…

Truly a tragedy.

Rest in Peace, Archie…

[Image via WENN]

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