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EVERYTHING About The Way This Influencer Dealt With Getting Coronavirus Has Followers Pissed Off!!

arielle charnas instagram apology over coronavirus drama

Another day, another covidiot!

Arielle Charnas, content creator behind the brand Something Navy, may not be seeing success for much longer after a series of poor choices related to the coronavirus which have landed her in hot water with her followers.

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It all started on March 16 when the NYC-based blogger informed her Instagram followers she was feeling ill. At the time, she did not meet the criteria to get tested for the coronavirus because she was young and otherwise healthy, despite experiencing flu-like symptoms. Despite that, she announced she was able to get tested after a friend, Dr. Jake Deutsch informed her his urgent care facility on the Upper West Side would test her.

Wow, just admitting to the privilege. Cool cool cool.

Like any good influencer would do, she took her 1.3 million IG followers along for the ride as she got tested from her car for COVID-19 while her husband, Brandon, documented the swab test. She and Dr. Deutsch went live on her Insta account to discuss her symptoms, to which she received mixed responses.

arielle charnas documents coronavirus test
(c) Arielle Charnas/Instagram Story

The following day, she wrote she was choosing to continue posting regular content purposefully (after unboxing Louis Vuitton goodies) despite feeling ill:

“This is the last time I’m going to talk about feeling sick right now on my Instagram and move on to the things that make me happy, like my kids, family life, fashion and work. If it offends anyone or seems as though I’m being insensitive during this time, I’m sorry but it’s what I’ve chosen to do.”

On March 18, she announced she had tested positive for the coronavirus. In the post, she briefly addressed the criticism she was able to be tested while many folks doing worse are NOT — by agreeing there should be more testing available in the US:

“It is the responsibility of our government office to ensure all Americans can access necessary tests.”

Um, that doesn’t really address your personal choices, but OK.

In the days that followed, Arielle and her husband (who she said also showed symptoms) recovered from their luxe home in the Big Apple. You’d think that would be the end of any controversy, but since then things have only continued to go downhill…

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Around March 26, Miz Charnas began to post videos and photos indicating she packed up her husband, her two daughters, and her nanny to head to the Hamptons. In case you’re unaware, the CDC says until individuals with coronavirus have had no symptoms for three days, and it has been at least seven days since showing first symptoms, they should not leave their home.

While Arielle’s exact criteria is unknown, a federal travel advisory was issued to those in the NY metro area “to refrain from non-essential travel for the next 14 days.” In addition, towns and vacation destinations (such as the Hamptons) have been asking New Yorkers and those from other cities with high numbers of COVID-19 not to visit their towns as a way to flatten the curve.

Charnas is not the only influencer or celebrity who has faced similar backlash after choosing to relocate to a vacation home, but she is the only one of note who had actually already tested positive for the virus. Almost immediately, the backlash became more intense as she snapped now-deleted photos outside for walks, enjoying the “fresh air.”

arielle charnas shows herself getting fresh air
(c) Arielle Charnas/Instagram

Most told her how irresponsible and selfish she was being; some even accused her of faking her diagnosis in the first place.

In a response, the mom of two said:

“That’s just like, the most absurd thing I have ever heard in my entire life.”

She also denied using her “money and wealth” to get a test. And said she called all doctors she knew before one would test her:

“So I went there, paid my $40 co-pay and got tested for both [the flu and coronavirus].”

After a week of controversy, she released a lengthy apology statement to her website and social media accounts. She said she tried to “maintain a sense of routine” by playing with her two young daughters, Ruby Lou and Esme Rae, who are at low risk for infection. Additionally, she confirmed they only broke quarantine after meeting the criteria by the CDC:

“I know that a lot of New Yorkers have made the decision to do the same, and that this decision has faced legitimate criticisms in its own right. I can only speak for my family when I say that our standing concern lies in whether or not we are continuing to put others at risk. We have learned firsthand that what happens after you first test positive for COVID-19, then complete the necessary quarantine, is still unknown. But based on the facts available to us right now, as well as throughout our experience in the last several weeksI’m confident this was the right move to reduce potential spread. Our care team, who helped us reach this decision, will agree with me.”

You can read her full statement HERE.

And finally, her story (for now) comes to an end with a tearful video apology on her IG Story, where Arielle says she and her family “never in a million years wanted to hurt anyone” and are “not bad people.” She adds that she has been subject to numerous death threats.

arielle charnas crying about coronavirus backlash
(c) Arielle Charnas/Instagram Story

Charnas says:

“I’m sorry for anyone that I’ve offended or hurt in the past couple of weeks… I’m just sorry that I let down my community in any way.”

So what’s the moral of the story here, Perezcious readers? Influencers need to now be more careful than ever of the content they are posting. This wild ride also exhibits the clear differences between those with privilege and those without — for instance the fact she still doesn’t even realize how lucky she was to even GET a test! *eye roll*

What are your thoughts, Perezcious readers? We want to know!!

[Image via Arielle Charnas/Instagram.]

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