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Armie Hammer Seen Drinking & Driving And Licking Crystals (???) In Bizarre Video Leak!

Armie Hammer Drinking Driving Drugs Video

The disturbing unveiling of the real Armie Hammer continues…

In case you missed it — and lucky you — the Call Me By Your Name hottie became a trending topic over the weekend as anonymous women posted messages he allegedly sent them throughout the last few years of his marriage.

The DMs included discussions of meeting up for s*x, sure. But while infidelity is gross, it’s not exactly shocking when it comes for hot male celebrities. That’s a tale as old as time. Beauty and the betrayal. But this was more than evidence of cheating. In these messages Armie allegedly delved into some kinky, violent predilections: blood play, BDSM slavery, cannibalism, even rape fantasies. Geez, we hope they were fantasies.

But that’s not all! According to the main poster of the messages, the women Armie called his harem of “kittens” got together and compared horror stories, only to find out they were all being lied to and abused. All during what looked like a happy marriage to food entrepreneur Elizabeth Chambers.

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Well, that marriage is over now. Summer of last year, the longtime couple and co-parents to two children announced their divorce.

And based on the latest reporting from, it looks like that breakup may have also marked Armie losing his last tether to normalcy.

The outlet obtained two videos, one which appears to show the would-be Lone Ranger drinking and driving — the other shows him going full Dr. Gonzo and licking some kind of crystal powder from the hand of a male friend. As he states to the camera:

“S**t’s getting weird.”

Yeah, no kidding. The friend then tells him to have “more, more, more, more” until Armie declares he’s licked it all up.

In another video, per DM, Armie can be seen with the same buzzed haircut drinking a Miller Lite while behind the wheel of his car. In that one, he says:

“Sending love, boys.”

These must have been video messages to friends that have now been leaked? Maybe because those friends are concerned for his well-being??

Apparently these videos, which are said to have been shot around September 2020, are just mile markers on his downward spiral since the divorce. A source close to the Hammer family told the outlet:

“He always liked to drink, do drugs, but never like this.”

It isn’t only friends who are disturbed by his behavior.

The site also heard from a friend of Elizabeth’s following the DMs who said while she knew he had cheated on her, all of the talk of violence left her “shocked and sickened.” That insider claimed the Bird Bakery founder spoke to one of the women accusing Armie of abuse and now believes the worst of it.

Of course, now he doesn’t have a wife to hide things from… is his behavior only getting more out of hand??

[Image via Armie Hammer/Instagram.]

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