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Armie Hammer Decided To Reignite His Twitter Feud With That Buzzfeed Writer For Some Reason...

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How did he not learn his lesson from last time?
Just a month after reactivating his Twitter account, Armie Hammer has once again jumped into the “toxic environment” of impulsively responding to people who said “something stupid” from which he previously said he’d escaped!
And unlike last time, we really can’t see his side of things!
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Anne Helen Petersen, the author of the infamously demeaning Buzzfeed piece which drew the actor’s ire last year, tweeted out a lengthy critique of a Jennifer Lawrence profile in Vanity Fair, something the Call Me By Your Name star seemed to think was worth commenting on:
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Armie wrote:
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Hmm… Considering her issues with the piece had nothing to do with him, it seems a strange hill to die on.
She’s an entertainment journalist discussing a piece of entertainment journalism. It’s just her opinion. The thing is, he isn’t even defending the article, just going after her.
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Bad form, you indecently sexy chiseled Italian marble statue come to life!
Sorry. CMBYN flashbacks. It happens when we look at him too long…
Armie made it worse by responding to another commenter!
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To which he wrote:
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Um… the entire Internet retweets cat pictures. WTF are you even talking about, you sweaty sun god?
Anyway, it seems to us Armie may be the one who needs to chill with this stuff.
What do YOU think??
[Image via RW/Media Punch/Twitter.]

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Feb 27, 2018 18:54pm PDT