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Arnold Schwarzenegger Opens Up About His Love Child, Breaking Up With Maria Shriver, And Even Patrick Dating Miley Cyrus

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What an open book!
We’re just a week away from Terminator: Genisys, so it makes sense that Arnold Schwarzenegger is currently on a press tour.
The 67-year-old stopped by the Howard Stern Show on Wednesday to not only chat about his upcoming blockbuster, but his home life as well.
[ Photos: Arnold & Emilia Clarke At The Terminator Premiere! ]
The former Governor of California got pretty candid about everything from his breakup with Maria Shriver, to his illegitimate son, and even a little about Patrick dating Miley Cyrus!
So what exactly did Arnold have to say??
On his breakup from Maria:

“Without any doubt, not only failure, but you feel like, ‘I’m to blame for it. It was me that screwed up.'”

On his 17-year-old son he had with his former housekeeper:

“He’s terrific and he totally understands the situation. So, it all has worked out… It’s a very tough situation for him. It’s a very tough situation for my kids, very tough situation for my family. It was tough for everybody. But it has happened and now we have to figure it out, right?”

On his 21-year-old son Patrick dating, and then breaking up with, Miley:

“My kids are very strong. They have had their upbringing. They know exactly how far they can go and they should be adventurous, they should venture out and meet different people, so I was not worried about that.
When I did meet Miley Cyrus, when she came up to Sun Valley skiing during the holidays, I found out that she was a fantastic person.”

We’re glad he was #TeamMiley!!!
We wonder when he’ll be back to give more of his honest opinions?
[Image via Dave Bedrosian/Future Image/WENN.]

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Jun 25, 2015 00:01am PDT