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Audrii Cunningham's Violent Cause Of Death Revealed

Audrii Cunningham Cause Of Death

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

We can’t say any of this was unexpected — but that doesn’t make it any less ghastly. So brace yourself before reading.

The body of missing 11-year-old Audrii Cunningham was finally found this week thanks to the investigation into the cops’ prime suspect. After interviews with family friend Don Steven McDougal — who we will remind you looks like this…

Don Steven McDougal Charged With Murder
(c) Polk County Sheriff’s Office

…authorities had the outflow of a nearby reservoir of the Trinity River slowed — and were finally able to locate her body. She had been tied to a large rock to weigh her down. But the river isn’t what killed her.

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The Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences confirmed to People the manner of death is listed as “homicide” of course. They list the cause as “homicidal violence.” More specifically, Audrii was killed by “blunt head trauma.” So awful.

Officials would not comment to the press on any additional injuries, only the killing blow. We don’t want to imagine what some monster could have done — nor the state her tiny body after being weighed down in the water for days.

McDougal has been charged with first-degree murder. He was the last to see Audrii alive as he was meant to be taking her to the school bus stop. And the rope used to tie her to the rock allegedly matched rope found in his car. Horrifying. We just hope this case gets resolved for good quickly. It’s such a heartbreaking one.

[Image via Polk County Sheriff’s Office/Facebook.]

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