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Krystal Nielson Exposed For Calling Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. A 'Needle Dick' In Women Tell All Special!

krystal called arie needle dick
This may be our FAVORITE Women Tell All special to date!
On Sunday evening, Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s castoffs gathered together to spill all kinds of tea about their time on The Bachelor. While most of the episode consisted of the ladies bickering about glam-shaming and one contestant’s age, the truly memorable moment came when it was revealed that one lady called the bachelor a “needle dick.”
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Oh, we wish we were kidding. So, if you missed the Women Tell All special, strap in for some serious dramz…
If you’ve been watching this season of the ABC dating competition, you are aware that Krystal Nielson was the clear villain during production. And, thanks to new (previously unaired) footage, her status as a reality TV villain will be forever cemented. Let us backtrack to the fiasco that was Arie’s group bowling date.
In case you forgot, Luyendyk Jr. had Krystal up in arms when he didn’t follow through on a promise that the group who won got one on one time with him. During the episode, the ladies accused Krystal of having a colorful outburst — and now we know EXACTLY what she said.
Amid a rant in a bathroom, Krystal’s mic caught the following:

“Did I mention my life is amazing and awesome? And it’s all on hold for what? Some needle dick? I’m sorry, I date men. Not little fancy-pants.”

DAMNNNN. Sadly, Krystal didn’t stop there as she also referred to her peers as “c**ts.” Understandably, many of the women went off on Krystal, calling her “fake” and “sociopathic.” Caroline Lunny even slammed:

“I was right [about you] the whole damn time. You are so mean. You called these women c**ts. How dare you use that word about these people? Because I love and respect all of these women, and that is a disgusting word.”

Snap! Snap! On why she used such derogatory language, Krystal (lazily) noted:

“It was a crazy experience. It really wore on me ├óΓé¼ΓÇ¥ it was hard. I stumbled and I fell, for sure. I do wish that I would have been able to step away from focusing so much on Arie. I wish I would have been able to build more friendships.”

However, after the taping, Krystal seemed less apologetic as she spilled to E! News:

“It was when I was really upset. I was really f–king pissed with the whole process. I felt like my teammates and I were very disrespected. And what you hear me saying, it wasn’t me, it was my teammates and I.”

Ehhhh, it sounded like you were the only one being nasty, Krystal. Just sayin’…
She continued:

“I was in my hotel room having a private conversation with my roommate. I wasn’t aware that was captured. And I’m sorry, don’t we all vent to our girlfriends? We all say shit. Hello, like, Come! We’re all not innocent. I was just micro-phoned and had cameras hiding outside on my balcony, OK? So sorry not sorry!”

No wonder Arie doesn’t feel badly about their breakup. During their time on the couch, Krystal tried to accuse Arie of being “cold” amid their split. Unsurprisingly, the bachelor was unapologetic for his behavior, as in hindsight it was “pretty appropriate.”
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The 36-year-old explained:

“In a way, looking back now, I feel like it was pretty appropriate. It just sucks to see how you actually were. I feel like there was a whole other side to you that I didn’t see until I watched it back. The comments that you made were not only hurtful to me, they were hurtful to them, and it doesn’t make me happy. I feel like maybe I dragged it on way longer than I should have.”

You tell ’em, bb. In an interview after the taping, Arie also called the NSFW rant “unnecessary.” Regardless, it seems Arie has moved on from the drama, as he has already joked about the matter on Twitter:

LOLz. Arie was grilled a fair share himself during the episode, especially by Caroline (girl was on FIRE last night).
There has been a mysterious drama that has been teased, so we have a feeling Lunny’s rage had something to do with that. Caroline relayed:

“This whole time you’ve said that you are here because you’re trying to find a wife. I know what you did, and I don’t know how you could do that. I just really don’t understand. But I really hope you found what you’re looking for.”

Juicy stuff. Other episode highlights included Bekah Martinez calling her mom on speakerphone to address her missing status, Chris Harrison teasing that she’ll be heading to Bachelor In Paradise, Tia Booth making a play for the Bachelorette title by weeping over Arie, etc.
For more Bachelor, be sure to tune in Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.
[Image via ABC.]

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