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Noooo! Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson Seemingly Throws Shade At Brian Littrell Over Getting Red-Pilled Into QAnon Nonsense

Backstreet Boys' Kevin Richardson Throws Shade At Brian Littrell Over Getting Red-Pilled Into QAnon Nonsense

Kevin Richardson and Brian Littrell of the Backstreet Boys have been on opposite ends of the political spectrum for years now, but it looks like the singers (and cousins) have finally met their breaking point.

On Wednesday, Kevin lit the fandom on fire when posting two cryptic tweets likely about his bandmate (below). One linked to an article about losing a friend to QAnon, and the other about pro Trump fans’ conspiracy theories:

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Hmmm…. These informative articles come just days after 45-year-old Brian made the announcement he was joining the controversial social media platform Parler, which has since been suspended. The app is frequented by QAnon members, a group of right-wing POTUS supporters who champion conspiracy theories about politics and the government. Likely not coincidental, the dad shared the news on the same day the President was kicked off most major internet platforms due to “inciting violence.”

The singer confirmed his right-wing status on Twitter, writing:

“BTLittrell come find me… Hahah like where’s Waldo
Join me on Parler Social Media!”

So far, fans are NOT happy about the divide within the boyband seemingly thanks to Brian, with some sharing their thoughts openly online:

“I don’t think your cousin either cares or realizes the impact this has had. People are Angry. It could affect the future of this fandom and the behavior of people at your concerts. He has now publicly opened the door for division in a fandom that’s always been united.”

“Ok but on a serious note, it has been heartbreaking to see people we love and respect spiral into living in a land of make believe. A dangerous land, at that. I hope one day they all come to a higher consciousness, but I worry it’s already too late.”

While the group has overcome their issues in the past — such as Brian’s desire to perform at Trump’s Inauguration in 2017, oof — it looks like they won’t be meeting eye-to-eye on this matter for quite some time.

How do U think this will affect the future of BSB?? And will Nick Carter, AJ McLean, or Howie Dorough respond?

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