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Bam Margera’s Ex Reacts To Him Getting Married ON DAY OF THEIR TRIAL!

Bam Margera’s Ex Reacts To Him Getting Married ON DAY OF THEIR TRIAL!

May 28, 2023, not only marks the day Bam Margera got married to Dannii Marie, but it was also apparently the day of his contentious divorce(ish) trial with his ex-wife, Nikki Boyd!

On Wednesday, Nikki reacted to the shocking news of the professional skaterboarder’s new marriage in a statement to TMZ. While Nikki is “happy” for Bam, she also can’t help but question the timing of the nuptials as it coincidentally happened on the same day he was expected in court over their ongoing dispute about their marital status!

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As you may know, Bam claims he “never legally” married Nikki when they were together since the ceremony happened in Iceland, where they were not residents. They also never did the official paperwork in the States. However, she believed the opposite! She thought their wedding in 2013 was legal. Tuesday’s trial was meant to address the issue. When Nicole and her attorney found out about his wedding to Dannii during a break in court, it raised her eyebrows! She told TMZ:

“Whatever makes him happy. I’m happy for him. But it was curious timing, considering that he was supposed to be in court for our trial today.”

Despite the wedding, Bam still did not miss the court date! Sources told the outlet that the Jackass alum attended the hearing over Zoom — during his reception! What an odd way to celebrate your marriage! However, there is an explanation for why the wedding and court appearance happened on the same day. Insiders close to Bam claimed the ceremony was planned in October, with the couple choosing Socorro County, New Mexico, for the special day since they were filming the movie Collecting Souls in the same area.

A wrench was thrown into their plans when his trial with Nikki got pushed back and landed on the wedding day. Yet they still got married anyway! And at least he still fulfilled his legal obligations, right? And yet even with the clarification, her lawyer, David Glass, slammed him for getting hitched amid their proceedings:

“We are currently in a bifurcated, separate trial on the issue of whether Nikki Boyd Margera should be treated as a putative spouse. It seems like a little restraint on Mr. Margera’s might do him good.”

Well, it is too late to change things now! Thoughts, Perezcious readers? Sound OFF in the comments below!

[Image via Dannii Marie/Instagram, Apega/WENN]

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