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Barron Hilton Is Gonna Make Something Of Himself!

Awww, how cute!
19-year-old Barron Hilton wants to break from the image set by his by other celebubrats and his own drinking and driving past by “getting this shit started.”
Oh we see what you did there.
Barron doesn’t want to go to college or actually work or anything, he wants “to be an international singer-songwriter” because he’s “sick of all the Hilton stuff, where all anyone cared about was whether I was doing coke in the bathroom or how many bitches I was sleeping with. I’m done with partying and traveling.”
Additionally, he’s working on a reality TV show that is “gonna be like The Hills, but real” because “a lot of that stuff is pre-setup or re-setup. This is gonna show the meetings, the production side, the recording side . . . I just want people to say, ‘Wow, this song really moved me, or made me cry.'”
We’re laughing so hard we’re crying right now!
Mission accomplished!
Update: Sources tell us that this “interview” is completely fake.
“Barron never gave that interview,” a family insider says , adding that they talking about pursuing legal action against the individual who gave the false interview.

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Apr 02, 2009 10:30am PDT

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