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Best Scenic Shows You Can Stream To Escape Your Living Room!

Shows to binge during the pandemic

In case you forgot, the coronavirus pandemic is still very much a thing. While many regions have been loosening up their restrictions, with gyms, restaurants, and movie theaters slowly re-opening in some areas, the sad reality is that COVID winter is coming — which means the outdoorsy escape from our living rooms is about to get much less comfortable.

Thankfully, many of us can escape our living rooms while still being glued to the couch — all with the press of a button!

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Streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime have tons of eye-popping shows and movies that will make you temporarily forget about the confines of your residence, so we’ve complied a list of our faves to get you through the next few months of quarantine!

Ch-ch-check out our list of streamable shows with breathtaking scenery (below)!

Killing Eve

Sandra Oh in Killing Eve
(c) BBC

This clever cat-and-mouse game between MI-6 agent and assassin takes place all across the sweeping landscape of Europe. Come for the shots of Jodie Comer and Sandra Oh serving lewks in the likes of London, Paris, and Rome — and stay for the deliciously graphic Villanelle murder scenes. Stream it on Hulu.

Outer Banks

Outer Banks on Netflix
(c) Netflix

Welcome to OBX, where temperatures are hot and teens always manage to outrun law enforcement. This hit Netflix series follows group of often shirtless teens on an epic treasure hunt throughout the barrier islands of North Carolina. We’re not sure what’s nicer to look at: the stunning water scenes or John B.’s pecs. Stream it on Netflix.


Undone on Amazon
(c) Amazon

If you want to go on a real trip, this rotoscoped Amazon series is for you. It follows a troubled young woman as she starts to have conversations with her dead father, who tries to teach her how to time travel so she can solve his murder. Stream it on Amazon Prime.


Upload on Amazon
(c) Amazon

You’ve heard of the afterlife, but this Amazon series invites you to explore the digital afterlife! This Black Mirror-like comedy takes place in a software system that houses the souls of the deceased. Turns out, there isn’t a stairway to heaven: it’s a USB port. Stream it on Amazon Prime.

Down To Earth

Down to earth streamable shows to excape your living room
(c) Netflix

What’s better than a tour of the world’s most beautiful regions? A tour of the world’s most beautiful regions guided by the world’s most beautiful man, Zac Efron! This Netflix series doesn’t just boast a bounty of impressive sights — from the scenic locations to Zac’s ocean blue eyes gazing into the camera and straight into our souls — it’s also educational! During his trips, Zac interviews locals to see the better and more efficient ways other countries use their resources; but don’t worry, he also finds many excuses to take his shirt off in the process. Everyone wins! Stream it on Netflix.


Outlander shows streamable eye-popping
(c) Sony Pictures

The stunning Scottish countryside is a character in itself in this sci-fi romance about a woman who accidentally time-travels from the 1940s back to the 18th century. But this show offers more than its landscapes: it’s also praised for the beauty of its costumes to its feminist messages. Stream it on Netflix.

Game Of Thrones

Game Thrones eye popping show
(c) HBO

If you weren’t on the bandwagon during this pop culture phenom’s original run, now’s a great time to explore the fictional lands of Westeros and Essos. The characters of this show embark on an Odyssey adventure through a variety of breathtaking terrains — from the icy north to the sweltering deserts to everything in between. The setting usually changes from one scene to the next so that the viewer is always in a different climate. And, uh, don’t get too attached to the characters either! Stream it on HBO Max.

[Image via BBC/Netflix/HBO]

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