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Bill Maher Claims Cancel Culture Is Ruining America -- And Cites Chris Harrison & The Bachelor As Proof!

Bill Maher says cancel culture is ruining America!

Bill Maher wrapped up last night’s episode of Real Time with a piece that is still trending this morning.

And it really got us interested in what y’all have to say about it!

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On Friday night’s episode, Maher went after the modern-day cancel culture habits that tend to go on unchecked from time to time on social media. He shared a bunch of different examples that he felt were over the top, or being done in bad spirit, including Chris Harrison‘s (pressured) decision to step away from The Bachelor earlier this month.

Maher makes some good points, of course, and yet also gets pretty hyperbolic in his defense of free speech and his anger at what he perceives to be too much political correctness.

Watch the entire video (below) — it’s less than seven minutes long and Maher parallels McCarthyism and more while making his case:

Well then!

What do U think about that segment, Perezcious readers?

Is he right about cancel culture? Too much hyperbole there?! Or is he completely wrong about where all this is headed — and it’s not cancellation, but consequences?

Sound OFF with your take on Maher’s spicy comments down (below)!!!

[Image via Bill Maher/Real Time/YouTube]

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Feb 27, 2021 11:24am PDT