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Bob Saget Got To Be A Rockstar For A Night In This AMAZING Story

Bob Saget Guster Concert Story

Many stars have paid tribute to Bob Saget since his untimely passing, sharing their beautiful memories. But this may be the most pure joy of any story we’ve seen.

Brian Rosenworcel, drummer for the band Guster, took to Twitter to explain that incredibly random time the Full House star joined them onstage — and got to be a rockstar for a moment.

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Writing about his “Bob Saget story”, he shared:

“I never really met him. But in 2007 Guster was playing at the Boston Opera House. We noticed that Saget was performing a sold out show at the Orpheum down the street, and we thought it’d be funny to invite him to appear on stage with us in some capacity. We reached out to his management to ask if he’d burst through a Bob Saget banner during our encore. They told us to go ahead and make the banner. It was really homespun…”

The only problem? Guitarist Adam Gardner had no idea it was coming! Brian continued:

“The encore comes and we realize we never even told Adam about the plan. We’re onstage getting the audience to chant “Bob! Bob! Bob!” so that Bob Saget might magically burst through this oversized sheet of paper, and I can see Adam getting super annoyed… he’s strumming his guitar super aggressively because he thinks this is a lame joke, an exercise in anti-climax. That we’ll have our bus driver or our guitar tech burst through and then play a deflated encore after riling up the crowd with an unfulfilled promise.”

But the moment was anything but anticlimactic!

“Except Bob Saget actually burst through the banner. The crowd went f**ken bananas. He hugged Ryan, shook the band members’ hands, waved at the crowd, told Ryan “this is awesome” and walked off stage. That was it…”

AH-Mazing! But that’t not quite the end. Thankfully we do know how Bob felt about fulfilling the odd request:

“Many years later Ryan was hanging in LA with mutual friend Jeff Garlin when Saget showed up. After a while, Ryan asked him if he even remembers walking on stage at the Boston Opera House during the Guster show. Saget lit up. ‘I got in a car which drove me to a venue, walked directly on stage, the crowd erupted, I walked off stage and got right back in a car. It was the best!’ It really was. RIP, Bob Saget.”

For a comedian to bring the house down without ever having to say a word? It’s gotta be the dream! We’re so glad Bob got to live it. That’s just how much everyone loved him.

You can see the wild moment for yourself (below)!

[Image via Timothy Jackson/Adriana M. Barraza/WENN.]

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Jan 10, 2022 13:03pm PDT

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