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Bobby Moynihan Says Danny DeVito 'Attacked' Him After SNL Impersonation!!

Bobby Moynihan Says Danny DeVito 'Attacked' Him After SNL Impersonation!!

As it turns out, Danny DeVito pays attention to the people who impersonate him — and the results of the unexpected meetings after the fact are hilarious!

Former Saturday Night Live comedian Bobby Moynihan famously did a well-received impression of the Taxi star back when he was on the late-night TV sketch show. And after the comic’s 2015 take on DeVito went live, the 77-year-old actor himself decided to have his own say about it!!

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Moynihan went on Late Night with Seth Meyers this week, and while the 45-year-old was chatting with the former SNL head writer, he revealed that he’d had a VERY funny exchange with DeVito in the past! Recalling how Danny tracked Bobby down following his 2015 impersonations of the longtime star, Moynihan — who left the late-night show in 2017 — explained that things took a very funny turn.

Revealing the story to Seth Meyers, the former SNL star said:

“Right after I played [DeVito] on the show — that night, directly after the show, I had two of my buddies Mike and Rob from high school with me. And I get them to the party and we pull up to the party and it’s the coolest. And I walk past a car and get, like, yanked.”

Alarmed, the Mr. Mayor star at first thought he was going to be accosted by somebody on the street. However, upon being pulled off from his friends, Moynihan quickly realized it was by none other than the It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia star himself!

According to Bobby, DeVito at first feigned anger about the TV impersonation, before laughing and and explaining he was only joking:

“You think it’s funny playing me?! I love ya, kid.”


Stunned, Moynihan explained to Meyers how it was that moment that revealed his impact on the industry:

“I just got attacked by Danny DeVito in front of my high school buddies. I made it!”

Seriously! We would feel the same way!

Here is Moynihan’s brand-new explanation of that hilarious moment from the mid-2010s (below):

So funny!

BTW, Moynihan famously parodied DeVito twice back in 2015. Once, the funny impersonation came in a sketch about Star Wars auditions, as you can see (below):

Ha! Bobby delivered the goods later in the 2015 season, too, in a sketch spoofing a commercial for Nespresso (below):

Too funny!

No wonder DeVito apparently loved the impersonations… they are HIGHlarious! Reactions, Perezcious readers?? Sound OFF with your take down in the comments (below)!

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube/SNL/YouTube]

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