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Bradley Cooper Once Wrote A Newspaper Article About Hooking Up With His Best Friend

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Bradley Cooper: exploring the taboo territory of fuck buddiedom since 1993.
Years before he graced the big screen, the actor was a newspaper intern for the Philadelphia Daily News. As you can see from this unearthed editorial, Coop was breaking relationship barriers the rest of the world just wasn’t ready for at the time.
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As an 18-year-old senior at the Germantown Academy, he wrote a piece in May of 1993 about crossing the platonic line with his BFF Deborah Landes after she broke up with her boyfriend.
In his debut article, hotly titled When Best Friends Cross The Line, Coop begged the question: “Can best friends who are of the opposite sex hook up with each other without destroying their friendship?”
Well, can they!?

“In my case, yes . . . so far.”

The future actor noted that the two had simply “brought our friendship to another level” and “never thought twice about going to the prom with anyone else” — but, he acknowledged their special friendship might come with an expiration date:

“The real test will probably come when I have to hear about how much fun she is having at shore this summer.”

Needless to say, their special friendship didn’t stand the test of time. But we think Bradley has a much better deal now being Irina Shayk‘s baby daddy with benefits.
Read the entire article (below)!

[Image via Philadelphia Daily News.]

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