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Jaw-Dropping Lawsuit Claims 'Vulgar And Violent' Bre Tiesi 'Repeatedly' Made Awful Homophobic Comments And MORE To Multiple Former Employees

Bre Tiesi 'Repeatedly' Made Homophobic Comments To Assistant: Shocking Lawsuit

[Warning: Potentially Triggering Content]

Hopefully Bre Tiesi saved up some of her Selling Sunset money, because she’s being sued for MILLIONS.

Last Thursday, three of the reality star’s former employees launched a shocking lawsuit against her. In it, they alleged everything from “harassment,” to “emotional distress” — and even outright homophobia.

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According to court docs obtained by multiple outlets, Lucy Poole, Amanda Bustard, and Kenneth Gomez, who are listed as the plaintiffs in the suit, claimed to be “harassed, discriminated against, and/or retaliated against on the basis of their sex, gender, and/or sexual orientation, and for having repeatedly reported, and demanded cessation of the harassing, discriminatory and retaliatory conduct” while under Bre’s employment.


Because of Bre’s alleged mistreatment, the plaintiffs “suffered severe emotional distress, loss of earnings, and loss of employment benefits, among other things.” Lucy, who worked as a nanny for Bre and her son Legendary Love, whom she shares with Nick Cannon, claimed in the filings that she “suffers a mental disability” and was called multiple derogatory names by the 32-year-old, including “short bus riding bitch,” “dodo head” and “ADHD idiot.”


Lucy also claimed Bre often would become “vulgar and violent” if “a task was not performed to her satisfaction.” She also allegedly forced Lucy to throw out anything in Legendary’s closet that could “be construed as feminine or girly.” She allegedly “told Ms. Poole that her child was not going to grow up to be a ‘f*****,’” all while “knowing Ms. Poole was a member of the LGBTQ community.”

And that’s not even the extent of her alleged homophobia… Kenneth, who is also described as “a member of the LGBTQ community” in the court docs and worked as Bre’s assistant and stylist, claimed she “would repeatedly make derogatory and demeaning comments about members of the LGBTQ community.” And because of his resistance, Bre allegedly refused to pay him “and unlawfully terminated him in April 2023 after he complained about not receiving his wages.”

What. The. F**k!!!

As for the third employee, Amanda, she worked as Bre’s social media manager. She claimed to have been “subjected to inappropriate and violent behavior” by the mother of one. She alleged Bre “screamed” at other employees, and said things like “I’m going to kill her,” and “I’m going to slam her head against the wall.” Amanda also claimed Bre “used offensive and inflammatory names,” such as “f*****,” “r*****,” and “c**t.”

According to Page Six, the plaintiffs are seeking more than $4,250,000 each for damages — and a trial by jury. WOW. What are your reactions to this bombshell filing? Let us know down in the comments (below).

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