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Kevin Hart Reveals How He Finally Learned Homophobia Is Wrong

Kevin Hart Reveals How He FINALLY Learned Homophobia Is Wrong

Kevin Hart FINALLY grew out of his ugly homophobia? Damn, only took a few decades and losing out on his dream job…

On Sunday, the Central Intelligence star sat down for a 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper. He got candid about a lot of things but most importantly opened up about the moment it finally clicked for him that homophobia isn’t cool… Yeah, it sounds wrong even having to say that, but hey, at least he’s growing. He told the journalist:

“The understanding came from the best light bulb ever. Wanda Sykes said, ‘There’s people that are being hurt today because of comments like the ones that you made then, and there’s people that will think it’s okay to make those comments today based off of what you did then.’”

Seems simple enough. Like he really should have realized that, but OK!

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And we’re sure it resonated even more hearing it from a fellow successful Black comedian… Who also happens to be a gay woman! He added:

“It was presented to me in a way where I couldn’t ignore that. In those moments of despair, great understanding, and education can come out of it if you’re given the opportunity”

Kevin actually got canceled back in 2018 — at least temporarily — after he was announced as the host of the Oscars and fans subsequently dug up horrendously homophobic posts on X (Twitter). You can read all about that HERE.

In a stand-up comedy clip which was featured in the 60 Minutes interview, Kevin also talked about wanting to “prevent” his son from becoming gay:

“I’m not homophobic. I have nothing against gay people. Be happy. Do what you want to do. But me, as a heterosexual male, if I can prevent my son from being gay, I will.”

Ultimately his refusal to really apologize cost him the hosting gig, something he said at the time he’d always dreamed of doing. It hurt him a lot, we could tell. But not enough for him to change his tune at that time, or at least not to anyone’s satisfaction.

Will everyone accept this new explanation of his enlightenment? Or will this also be seen as nothing but calculation on his part? After all, he has a new movie coming out soon, the interview is with a gay man, the more cynical folks among us miiiiiight squint a bit at this description of epiphany. But we’d rather give folks the benefit of the doubt when they are on the right side of things — even if it’s late.

You can watch Kevin Hart’s full interview (below):

Thoughts? Let us know down in the comments.

[Image via CBS/YouTube]

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