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Why Is The FBI's Case On Brian Laundrie Still Open??

Brian Laundrie FBI Case Open Autopsy

Well, this is an odd wrinkle. As we’ve reported, there are a great many folks online following the Brian Laundrie case who are convinced it’s not nearly as over as it seems.

This is, of course, despite the fact the 23-year-old fugitive was found and his remains officially identified based on his dental records. Don’t get us started on some of the theories on why this isn’t the end of the Gabby Petito case. Just check ’em out HERE.

But those who think big news may still be on the way got a little fuel on Thursday as Brian Entin, probably the lead reporter who has been the closest to this story since the beginning, pointed out something very strange. The FBI has not closed its case.

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The federal bank fraud charge — the only charge filed against him, for allegedly using Gabby’s debit card — is still listed as an active investigation. But if they confirmed his death by IDing him, wouldn’t that mean case closed?

Well, according to Entin, it’s a bureaucratic requirement keeping the case open at this point. While Brian’s identity was confirmed, his cause of death was not. Until the autopsy is finished, a death certificate cannot be issued, and therefore the case cannot be closed. The reporter explained on Twitter on Thursday:

“I’m told once the autopsy is officially complete — and a death certificate is issued — Federal prosecutors would then file a motion in Wyoming to drop that case. That has not happened yet and it is still showing active.”

What’s the holdup on the autopsy? Well, when the remains were first discovered we heard it was going to be tricky as such “a small part” of a body was found. We guess that’s why, almost a month later, we still don’t even have a cause of death. The question is, will we ever? What if there’s not enough body left to know for sure??

Annoyingly, that also means other information being kept from the press. According to Entin, the North Port Police Department refuses to release certain reports and videos the media has requested while the FBI investigation is still active. That’s certainly convenient for them — something tells us outcry for a state investigation into the NPPD won’t lessen if they have to release the video of Brian’s mother they thought was him.

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Obviously for many following the case, all of this just doesn’t add up — and we can’t say we blame them. You’d think the feds would put a rush job at the very least on DNA testing for the remains to put minds at ease.

But as to the idea this all means the FBI aren’t closing the case because they aren’t convinced he’s really dead yet? We just can’t buy in on that one. Not when there’s a simpler explanation.

What do YOU think, Perezcious detectives??

[Image via FOX13/YouTube.]

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