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Brian Laundrie Co-Worker Says He Was 'Possessive' Of Gabby Petito -- And Could Be A 'Chameleon'

Brian Laundrie Co-Worker Chameleon Temper

We hate how long this case is dragging on — it must be torture for the family of poor Gabby Petito.

But as we sit in limbo waiting for law enforcement to track down Brian Laundrie, at least we have the time to get more background info on the doomed couple, both homicide victim and person of interest. And frankly, the more we hear about the relationship, the worse it sounds.

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On Tuesday morning, Fox News Digital spoke with a former co-worker of Brian’s from his time at a garden center in Long Island. Michael Livingston was a landscaper while Laundrie was there in 2017 and 2018, doing odd jobs and working the register. Livingston says he saw the news of Gabby’s disappearance, and it hit him “like a tidal wave” — because he had known both of them for that short time.

On his former co-worker, he says right away:

“He never came across as the kind of person that would be the killing type, but he did have that tendency to be — I don’t wanna say the wrong thing and make him sound worse than he already is — he was kind of a guy who would get pissed off pretty quick.”

From what Livingston could tell, Brian — then about 19 or 20 years old — was actively working on temper:

“I remember from back then he was a big yoga nut, always telling me, ‘I gotta worry about my zen.’ And I thought he was this weirdo.”

Well, we mean, lots of people do yoga, but fair enough considering the context.

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Livingston also notes that he clocked Laundrie as a sort of “chameleon” who would shift his personality depending on who he was with — which actually helped in his sales job:

“He was a good employee who knew how to talk to people. He knew how to make people like him, he knew how to make people happy, and he knew how to make people buy the product that we had, honest. He had the same kind of air you would be taught if you worked at a dealership.”

Good at his job or not, having a personality like a used car salesman isn’t exactly a compliment.

Livingston also had a little insight into Brian’s relationship because, as he recalled, Gabby would stop by to see her beau two or three times a week. He remembered of the late YouTuber:

“Gabby, she was always a sweetheart, very peaceful. She was always really nice to me, and she was really outgoing.”

He remembers she was friendly with all the staff and would often talk about her desire to travel. But it seemed like Brian wasn’t happy to see his girlfriend getting along so well with everyone:

“He would come over and do the boyfriend thing, put his arm around her, give her a kiss, very possessive.”

Livingston never saw anything he would classify as mean or abusive, but he did note the classic controlling boyfriend behavior.

Considering we’ve already heard from close friends of the couple about how toxic they were, that is not surprising to us in the least. The landscaper mused from a distance:

“I think the only reason why she settled for him is he wanted to travel.”


One odd last tidbit from his recollection? Despite working with plants and dirt, Laundrie always had perfectly clean hands.

Huh. We didn’t need a perfectly apt metaphor for someone who was currently evading the investigation into the brutal killing of his girlfriend, but there it is.

[Image via Nomadic Statik/FOX13/YouTube.]

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