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Britney Spears Is 'Rolling Her Eyes' At Jamie Lynn's 'One-Sided' Interview: 'This Isn't Helping Matters'

Britney Spears in concert, Jamie Lynn Spears on GMA

Apparently, Britney Spears thinks her sister should have said a lot more in her recent interview with ABC News!

As we reported, Jamie Lynn Spears spoke with Juju Chang this week to promote her upcoming memoir, Things I Should Have Said, and also discussed her strained relationship with the Toxic singer as well as the pop princess’ conservatorship.

Now, a source has come out to share with Page Six how Britney felt about the misty-eyed sit-down — and it’s safe to say the Grammy winner isn’t begging her little sis for an encore.

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According to the insider, the mother-of-two is “rolling her eyes” at JLS’s responses, explaining:

“Britney has been deeply hurt by her family, and this isn’t helping matters. Sure, Jamie Lynn has a book to sell, but things don’t have to be so one-sided.”

The source went on to say that Britney’s side of the story has yet to be told, adding:

“Other than her court testimonies last summer, Britney really hasn’t had a chance to tell her story. Everything had to be so hush-hush under the conservatorship; that’s why no one ever heard her talk about it until recently. Now that she’s free, Britney wanted to share everything that she’s been through when she was ready, but Jamie Lynn beat her to the punch.”

That does sound frustrating — especially considering how momma said in court last year that she was bothered by family members being able to speak freely on TV when she wasn’t able to do so because of her conservatorship — but let’s be honest: the world is still waiting with bated breath to hear Britney’s side!

Although the source said the superstar was “aware of” JLS’s interview, it’s unclear whether she watched it in full. Regardless, the 40-year-old’s inner circle were quick to point out inconsistencies they noticed in the actress’ story.

One friend told the outlet:

“In her book, Jamie Lynn describes Britney as ‘erratic’ and ‘paranoid’ at her lowest point, but when Juju asked her to comment on present-day Britney, Jamie Lynn said it wouldn’t be ‘fair’ to ‘speak to anyone else’s state of mind.’ What sense does that make?”

Fair point!

Meanwhile, another friend took issue with Jamie Lynn claiming Britney “came at me screaming and getting up in my face” during an argument the sisters allegedly had in early 2020, adding:

“Jamie Lynn curiously left out what caused the fight. It was a disagreement that should have never gone beyond the walls of the family’s home. Who didn’t have tension at home in the beginning of quarantine? Why even bring that up now, two years later?”

Jamie Lynn has been on Britney’s bad side for a while now, with the songstress most recently unfollowing the Netflix star on Instagram at the start of the new year. Based on these new claims, we don’t expect them to patch things up anytime soon!

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